First Precious Metals Coverage With Easy Online Enrollment Powered by Sure Insurance

First Precious Metals Coverage With Easy Online Enrollment Powered by Sure Insurance
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First Precious Metals Coverage With Easy Online Enrollment Powered by Sure Insurance

United States Gold Bureau Powered by SURE
We have introduced a simple and affordable way for investors and collectors to get insurance coverage for gold, silver, coins and other collectible items. Policies are available to all individuals, regardless of how or where their goods were acquired and is enforced immediately upon authorization of coverage. The coverage is offered through a partnership with SURE, a company that specializes in offering insurance through a simplified online enrollment process. With the combination of these two companies it will now be able to hold precious metals without worry. “Theft or damage hurts precious metal owners more than most people, given the high and obvious value of their collection. Unfortunately, people often don’t purchase insurance because they don’t know where to get it or don’t want to get on the phone with a broker. The United States Gold Bureau is providing a valuable service to their customers by offering top-tier insurance right from their website,” said Wayne Slavin, CEO of Sure.

What Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Protect

Homeowners insurance typically limits the amount of coverage when it comes to precious metals, if they’re covered at all, and can increase costs to levels that are prohibitive. For example, when a non-collectible item is claimed such as a couch or other replaceable item, there is a price increase to the entire policy. When precious metals are a part of that only one blanket policy it makes it very expensive. Additionally, homeowners insurance may only cover the original cash value of a purchase, not its most recent appraised value.

Trusting Others

As an advocate of buying gold, silver or other precious metals, family members or people are aware there may be hard assets worth stealing, those assets could be at risk. Home burglary can be a simple task if someone has the opportunity, or says the wrong thing to the wrong person. Headed on a long vacation? Adding insurance is a good idea. A policy from SURE covers items while home or away.

Protection You Can Trust

After a few simple questions about the collectible coverage amounts and any protections already in place, you are ready to be covered. This allows one to get insurance right from the couch. Visit the Insuring Your Precious Metals page from the United States Gold Bureau to get started. SURE understands and specializes in rare and valuable collectibles and works with Markel, their underwriter, to ensure the the coverage needed. Markel is a publicly traded company and an “A” rated carrier with more than 25 years experience.

Making Sure Insurance Isn’t the Only Line of Defense

By storing precious metals in a personal safe or arming a home with a burglar or fire alarm there are benefits from pricing discounts making it easier to activate the collectible coverage.

More About SURE

SURE is an insurtech startup that provides multiple insurance products to consumers when they need it most and throughout their lifetime. Based in New York City and Los Angeles, SURE partners with the world's top insurance companies to offer Episodic and everyday insurance policies including flight, baggage, renters, pet, wedding and smartphone protection. SURE is available in all 50 states and on iPhone, Android devices and the web. Content and associated insurance products are provided by Sure HIIS Insurance Services, LLC (“Sure”), a licensed seller of insurance. The above does not in any way constitute an endorsement or referral by US Gold Bureau of Sure’s products or services. The coverage referenced above may not be offered in all states.
January 12, 2018
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