American Buffalo

The Gold American Buffalo is one of the most popular coins to invest in. Read about Gold Buffalo coins.

Why Buy Gold American Buffalo Coin

The United States Mint first introduced the Gold American Buffalo 1 oz., .9999 fine gold coin in 2006. It quickly became extremely popular among investors and collectors because of its historical design. The coin is based on the iconic design by James Earle Fraser for the 1913 Buffalo Nickel. The Gold American Buffalo is available in sizes ranging from 1/10 oz. to 1 oz. and can be purchased as a single gold coin or in bulk with discount pricing. This creates various options for anyone looking to start investing. The Gold American Buffalo can be purchased in both certified (coins have been submitted to a professional grading service such as NGC or PCGS) and uncertified (also known as raw)

In addition to the Gold American Buffalo, the U.S. Gold Bureau offers the Gold American Eagle, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Gold Krugerrand along with many other gold and silver coins for investors and collectors to diversify their portfolios. Some precious metals can be included in a self-directed IRA. Additional paperwork is required at time of purchase. Please contact one of our Investment Specialists at (800) 775-3504 for more information.

The Gold American Buffalo Coin Design

The obverse of the Gold American Buffalo is the familiar Indian Head design which was created from merging the images of three different chiefs: John Big Tree (Seneca), Two Mons (Cheyenne), and Iron Tail (Lakota). The reverse of the U.S. Minted coin features the classic buffalo designed after Black Diamond, a bison living in New York City's Central Park Zoo in the early 1900s.

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