How To Build Your Precious Metals Portfolio

The following questionnaire takes into account your commodities experience, tolerance for risk, time horizon and other factors. The way you answer these questions will help us design a metals portfolio that safeguards your money from fluctuations in the market while positioning for superior long-term growth.

In the financial world, this concept is known as a "straddle and strangle strategy." It is commonly done by professionals in the options market when they know that there will be volatility in a certain asset, but they don't necessarily know which way it will swing. Should you invest in raw coins and bars (bullion) or would you be better suited to acquire investment grade coins? It depends on the goals and objectives of your investment.

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Ranging on a scale from 1-5, indicate where you rank for each question below. There are no right or wrong answers, so be as accurate with your responses as possible. Once complete, we will compile your answers and show you where you score.