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Metals Minute: Precious Metals Market Update

December 2, 2020
As mentioned last week, Gold and Silver have been under pressure with option expiry issues, and dealing with seasonal downturns typical in an election year.

Opinion: Dow Tops 30,000 While Gold Drops

November 30, 2020

Since late March gold spot price has been steadily trending up so fund managers position your money to take advantage of that growth.


Food, Gold, and Other Necessities

November 26, 2020

Today I want us to consider the economic conditions out there for millions of Americans at the other end of the spectrum.


Metals Minute - Thanksgiving Edition

November 25, 2020

Gold and Silver were forced down over the last week, but are already beginning to recover. This is largely due to options expiry beginning later this week for Gold, continuing on into next week for Silver.


Opinion: The Great Reset

November 23, 2020

For a few weeks now, the term “the great reset” has been trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. What does it mean?


US Dollar Creation on Steroids

November 19, 2020

According to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, “We are never going back to the old economy...”


Metals Minute: Precious Metals Market Update

November 18, 2020

For the week, Gold, Silver, and Palladium were flat. Platinum had a great week, up 5.4% since last week.


Metals Minute With Bill Stack

November 9, 2020
Metals are presenting a great buying opportunity today, as a temporary reprieve in the march higher.

Opinion: Contested Election Spikes Gold Tanks Dollar

November 9, 2020

Lady Liberty has been on the edge of her seat watching what many experts are calling “the most important election in history.”


2020 End of WWII Privy Mark Gold and Silver American Eagle Proof Coins

November 5, 2020

To honor this significant global benchmark, the United States Mint has introduced a slate of WWII commemorative coins and medals set for release in early November 2020.