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Metals Minute: Precious Metals Continue to Recover

January 20, 2021
Metals continue to recover this week, with Gold up 4/10% to $1867, Silver up 1% to $25.74, Platinum up 3.2% to $1114. Palladium was down 4/10% to $2426.
Scarcity: The Future of Water and Gold

Scarcity: The Future of Water and Gold

January 15, 2021
Gold and silver are in a good position to benefit from the wave of commodity price growth that is just getting started.

Gold & Silver Shortages Up Ahead

January 8, 2021
Today we will discuss some interesting conditions on the horizon for Gold itself, regardless of the outward influences of financial instability or world markets.

Metals Minute: Elections and Precious Metals Supply

January 6, 2021
For the week, Gold is up 3% to $1,940. Silver is up 4% to $27.44. Platinum increased 3% to $1,100.40, and Palladium tied with Silver, also up 4% to $2,453 for the week.

Realistic Precious Metals Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

January 5, 2021
With the forgiveness of central bank debt, inflation and new digital currencies backed by gold, we may see the price of gold reach highs never before fathomed.

Metals Minute: Stimulus Update

December 30, 2020
Looking at the 1-yr numbers, we have Gold up 24%, Silver up 47%, Platinum up 11% and Palladium up 24%.

The Dollar Index and Gold

December 29, 2020
Today we will look at what that means in world markets, and more importantly, what that means for the average American.

All Markets Up on COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

December 27, 2020
Precious metals ownership has been a proven method to hedge against inflation, money printing bailouts and stock market crashes and corrections.

2021 Precious Metals Outlook

December 16, 2020
The time has come to look beyond 2020 and peer into what 2021 may offer in terms of precious metals prices. 

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Price Update

December 9, 2020
In spite of a higher Dollar, most of the metals rounded out another good week.