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Metals Minute: Precious Metals Lower Acquisition Cost

March 3, 2021
For the 1-yr time frame, Gold is up 5%, Silver is up 54%, Platinum is up 36%, and Palladium is down 5% from one year ago.
Basel III and Gold

Basel III and Gold

March 2, 2021
36%. That is how much the gold price has moved up since we last mentioned Basel III.

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Show Resilience

February 24, 2021
The metals have powered through a lot of selling pressure this week, with bullion banks selling paper into the options expiry season.

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Forecast

February 12, 2021
From this time last year, Gold is up 17%, Silver is up 54%, Platinum is up 29%, and Palladium is up 1.4%.

U.S. Mint’s 2021 Platinum American Eagle Proof Launch

February 3, 2021
With its 2021 release, the Platinum Eagle Proof program will kick off a new design run dubbed the First Amendment to the United States Constitution Platinum Proof Coin Series.

Metals Minute: Fireworks for Precious Metals

February 3, 2021
Silver being the main beneficiary, up 9% for the week to $27.05. Gold was up 1/2% to $1849, Platinum was up 4% to $1,110, and Palladium was down 2% to $2,298.
The Shift to Precious Metals

The Shift to Precious Metals

January 29, 2021
We have certainly seen imbalances before, and near implosions, as market rivals have squared off in the marketplace.

Metals Minute: Golden Opportunity

January 27, 2021
For the week, Gold is down 1% to 1840, Silver is down 3% to 24.87, Platinum is down 4% to 1072, and Palladium is down 3% to 2353.

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Continue to Recover

January 20, 2021
Metals continue to recover this week, with Gold up 4/10% to $1867, Silver up 1% to $25.74, Platinum up 3.2% to $1114. Palladium was down 4/10% to $2426.

Metals Minute: Growing Demand for Physical Precious Metals

January 13, 2021
It has been a trying week for the metals, but it seems the worst is over for now, and we are beginning to see a recovery.