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Who is on the Dime?

December 18, 2018
The dime with President Franklin D. Roosevelt is so ordinary in today's world that it's easy for it to be overlooked or even taken for granted.
Manufacturing Coins

How Coins Are Made: The Evolution of Coinage Manufacturing

June 1, 2017
As far as currency goes, there may not be anything more ubiquitous than coins. But how were these small discs of metal created before modern innovation?

A look at some of the world's most expensive silver & gold coins

August 21, 2012

highest-priced-collectible-coins Collectors love a unique, valuable coin. When we start to look at some of the most valuable specimens out there today, a natural place to start is the 1804 Class I Silver Dollar. Even though it is not made of gold, specimens have certainly sold for much larger figures than many others minted with the yellow metal. What makes this particular coin so exotic among valuable coins is partially its design as well as the class it is in. In 2010, a specimen now held by the Queller collection sold for over $3.7 million, which places it among the world's most expensive coins.

The 1804 Class I Silver Dollar, despite the date the coin bears, was actually minted in 1834. There are 8 of those coins known to be in existence. Another version other than the Queller collection mentioned earlier does exist. It is in better condition and is the 4th most valuable coin in the world, making it worth more than many other gold coins known today. This specimen was once owned by the King of Siam and was sold in 2001, among other coins, fetching over $4 million.


The History of the New Orleans Mint That Produced Many Gold & Silver Coins

June 8, 2012
New Orleans, Louisiana is a city rich in history that was founded in 1718. One can be certain that a great deal of gold from Mexico flowed through its port on the Mississippi River long before it got its Mint in 1835.
Standing Liberty Quarter

The Fascinating Design History of Standing Liberty Quarters

June 7, 2012
When it comes to rare silver coins, the Standing Liberty quarter is certainly one that has garnered a lot of attention from collectors and historians through the years.

The History of the Flowing Hair Dollar

May 1, 2012

The very first gold coin ever minted in the United States by the federal government is known as the Flowing Hair Dollar.

Challenge coins helped bring troops together

February 22, 2012
Typically, metal coins are minted as currency. People use them to pay for merchandise and collect them based upon their historic significance.