Selling Precious Metals


When It’s Time to Sell

June 17, 2020

This is not the time to sell, unless it is time for you. That is to say, Gold and Silver have not reached the pinnacle of bubble territory, when it would be a good time for anyone to sell.


Selling Precious Metals to the U.S. Gold Bureau vs. a Pawn Shop

March 3, 2020
We’ve designed a bullion selling process that is simple, straightforward, and secure.
Top FIVE Signs it is Time to Sell Your Gold

Top FIVE Signs it is Time to Sell Your Gold

August 6, 2019
Will you sell gold? Maybe you have recently inherited a collection of gold coins, or gained interest in diversifying into precious metals.

Should I Sell at the Gold Rate Today, or Wait?

May 10, 2019
Now might be a good time to evaluate your options regarding your gold investments. Learn more about selling gold in this blog post.

Selling Gold and Silver? We Make it Easy

October 3, 2018
Experience a smoother, less bang-your-head-against-the-wall journey to cashing out your gold and silver. Keep reading, my friend.

Rare Jesse Owens Olympic Gold Medal Sells $1.5 Million at Auction

December 8, 2013
Jesse Owens' 1936 gold medal sold for a record-setting $1,466,574 at a Sunday auction.

Rare U.S. Silver Dollar Sells for Record-breaking $10 Million

January 6, 2013
An extremely rare silver dollar from 1794 was sold for $10 million at an auction on Thursday. Read more here at the U.S. Gold Bureau.

Selling Rare Coins? The Case For Skipping An Auction to Earn More

October 17, 2012
Collections of rare coins are frequently sold for extraordinary amounts of money. Collectors and investors alike consider holding these rare coins.

Seated Liberty Dime Shocks Coin Collectors at Auction: Sells for $1.8 Million

August 17, 2012
Though there are a lot of different types of Seated Liberty coins, this one may be the one that has ever sold for this much at auction.

$10 million rare coin? Brasher Doubloon sets records even for gold coins

July 19, 2012
A certified Brasher Doubloon is being valued at 10 million dollars after receiving a rare coin grade of MS 63 by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.