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The Greatest American Coin Hunt Is Coming

March 27, 2019
The biggest coin drop in American history. From April 21st through April 27th, 1 million collectible coins will be dropped back into circulation.
Lady Liberty Coins

The Evolution of Lady Liberty On American Coinage

August 30, 2017
Lady Liberty through has been used to define an ideology of an entire nation. Learn how she has been depicted through the years in American Coinage.
Gold Maple Leaf Coin

How the Big Gold Maple Leaf Coin Was Stolen and Where It Is Now

March 31, 2017
Gold coins are subject to be stolen but how does a 220 pound gold coin go missing from a German museum and what the thieves could do with the coin?

Top 5 Most Expensive Silver Coins

March 10, 2017
Silver is usually a distant second to gold for investing but did you know the most expensive U.S. coin ever sold is actually a silver coin.
Set of U.S. Coins

These Big Mistakes by the U.S. Mint Could be Worth Big Money

February 16, 2017
The U.S. Mint is not infallible. Here are some of the mistakes they've made with coins. Their biggest mistakes make for some most valuable coins
Gold Treasure Discovery

Florida Treasure Hunters Find 300-Year-Old Spanish Gold Coins

July 16, 2013
Floridian treasure hunters uncovered 48 rare gold coins worth an estimated $250,000 on Saturday

Boston Museum of Fine Art offers world class rare coins exhibit

October 1, 2012
The Boston Museum has opened up an exhibit spotlighting gold and silver coins from the Greek and Roman empires. The collection itself consists of 500 coins.

Why Rare Coins Are Flourishing (Even in a Down Economy)

September 26, 2012
Even though the global economy seems to be dragging as of late, this hasn't hurt the rare coin market. Annual sales in the U.S. are around $5 billion.

Rare Gold Coins from Roman Empire Smash Auction Records

September 14, 2012
The renowned auction house Heritage Auctions had a huge sale of coins recently, including an exceptionally rare example from the Roman Empire circa 218 A.D.

A look at some of the world's most expensive silver & gold coins

August 21, 2012
From the Brasher Doubloon to the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, there is no shortage of rare and desirable coins out there in the world.