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Discover The Most Coveted And Elusive Rare Coins

Discover The Most Coveted And Elusive Rare Coins Worth Hunting!

December 12, 20232602 view(s)

When you become a coin collector, you're joining a rich history and engaging in the "hobby of kings." This is because kings and queens began collecting coins thousands of years ago, sparking interest in a hobby that's grown for millennia.

Rare coins are the best way to get involved with collecting... or investing. Read on to learn why you should buy rare coins and how to choose old coins that are worth money.

Why Collect Coins?

People don't just collect coins to become part of a long history. They do so for tons of interesting reasons, a primary one being educational value. By studying old coins from a particular country or region, you learn about its history and values.

You also will gain a better understanding of the production and design of coins. You can compare features of coins from several different parts of the world and historical eras. This will let you understand how things have changed over time.

When you collect coins, you hold real pieces of history in your hands!

Coin collecting is also a great way to feel accomplished and get a serotonin rush. There's nothing like finding a silver half-dollar that completes a big collection and completing various sets of coins can give you a sense of accomplishment, completion, and satisfaction.

Coins as an Investment

Because coins' metal content has intrinsic value, no banking entity or government policymaker can take it away. Unlike a stock, a coin can't go bust. It will always be worth something since it's made from in-demand rare metals.

You can hold onto precious metals as a long-term investment. Thirty years ago, people could buy gold for $400/ounce; now, they can sell that same amount for $2000. Silver prices are also on the rise and are set to reach a 9-year high by the end of this year.

Coins also are ideal as a safe investment that always has worth. They're a hedge against inflation. This is especially important with ongoing geopolitical events like the Israel-Palestine conflict.

No matter what happens to the cost of the dollar, gold and silver will always be worth something. You won't need to worry about facing total poverty in inflationary periods.

Gold Rare Coins

Gold is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people contemplate "precious metals." It's extremely rare and beautiful, both facts that make it highly coveted. It's used in tons of industries, including jewelry, accessories, consumer electronics, collectible goods, automotive parts, manufacturing markets, and more.

Both gold and silver are great safe-haven investments, but gold tends to have better long-term track records. $20.63 invested in gold in 1925 would be worth $225,788 today.

It's perfect for diversifying any portfolio. After all, that's a 10.3% year-over-year increase.

Gold coins also just make beautiful additions to any collector's book. They're shiny and have a lot of historical value that you can learn about and enjoy. Some gold coins date back centuries, so you're sure to get a lot of interesting information.

1808 $5 Capped Bust Half Eagle NGC MS62

This coin is over 200 years old. It was initially circulated as a $5 coin, but it's worth $20k today. This makes sense when you consider that it is the second-scarcest of Capped Bust coins, only after the 1809 issue.

With an NGC population of only 31, it's one of the rarest coins we have to offer. It's also .9167 pure, so you know you're getting a quality piece.

1851 Augustus Humbert PCGS AU50

While most people don't think of coins as worth more than a few dollars, this 1851 coin was originally minted with a $50 value. Today, it's worth $60k because of its unique octagonal shape, rare lettered edge design, and beautiful image of an eagle.

These coins actually weren't made to be circulated. They were sent to the Philidelphia Mint to be melted down into smaller denominations. It's amazing that any still exist today, especially since they weren't originally intended to get out to the public at all!

1898 $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle NGC MS66

This beautiful coin is $17.5k, but it's in the best possible condition. Despite being over 120 years old, this coin shimmers and shines in the light. It hasn't been handled a lot over the years, so the details are clear and striking on the 90% gold surface.

As a Liberty Head coin, this coin showcases a side profile of Lady Liberty. It's a Greco-Roman style. Her head is also surrounded by 13 tiny but bold stars, one to represent each of the 13 original US colonies.

1901 $10 Liberty Gold Eagle NGC MS66

Some Liberty Gold Eagle coins were worth $5, but others were worth $10 or higher. This coin showcases the same left-facing Lady Liberty as the 1898 coin, but it was originally minted in 1901 to be worth $10.

It's in great condition, and you can buy it for only $7.5k. This makes it a more affordable alternative to other Liberty Gold coins.

1925 $20 Saint Gaudens NGC MS62

This 1925 coin once had a $20 numismatic value, but it's now worth $14k. This coin is also known as a "Double Eagle" coin and is named after its designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

One side showcases Lady Liberty holding a torch and an olive branch. The other shows an eagle in flight. It's an all-American coin with extremely detailed imagery that belongs in every coin collection.

Silver Rare Coins

While gold is a tried-and-true investment, silver coins have a lot of steady value. Its natural traits make it useful in a lot of industries like automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, industrial, and architectural markets. It's durable and sturdy in addition to being rare and beautiful.

Silver is, therefore, safer to buy in bulk quantities. It will always have the intrinsic worth of its silver content, so you'll always be able to sell it in the future.

However, longevity is the thing that most collectors and coin enthusiasts like most about rare silver coins. Some date back over 2000 years!

Boy and Dolphin Coin: 281-240 BC

The "Boy and Dolphin" coin goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. One side showcases a soldier riding a horse. This is because of the Tarentines' love for horse racing during the time when they founded Sparta.

The other side displays a boy riding a dolphin.  This is because Taras, for whom the colony was named, was the son of Poseidon. When he was shipwrecked in the mouth, Poseidon sent a dolphin to save him, which he rode back to land.

That land is said to be Taras, and that myth was supposed to be its humble beginning.

This silver coin doesn't just provide collectors with a piece of history. It also gives you a greater understanding of the myths and stories that people believed and valued. It's one of the most ancient coins in our collection and also holds value as investment-grade silver.

It's also one of our less expensive rare coins - you can buy it for only $795.

1795 Silver Dollar Flowing Hair NGC XF45

Many coins wanted by collectors stem back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and this is one of the most coveted options. Originally worth $1 in 1795, this coin has been out of circulation for hundreds of years.

It's one of the earliest American coins out there, and Lady Liberty's flowing hair is still in sharp and clear detail. Its surfaces are clean, sharp, and shining, and the 90% silver content continued to be worth a lot of money. You can buy this coin for $19k and expect clear details despite past circulation.

1882 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS67+

This coin is almost 100 years younger than the previous one on this list, but it retails for $24k. You may be wondering why this is, and the answer lies in both its quality and its history.

This coin was made at the Carson City Mint in 1882, and it captures the spirit of the Old West perfectly.

It's a pristine coin that originated in the Nevada territory during one of American history's most important eras. It's in top condition with a clear image and an unblemished surface. The 90% silver content makes it an amazing investment, no matter your values.

1925 Peace Silver Dollar NGC MS67+

The Roaring 20s were an iconic period of US history, and the Peace silver dollar comes from the same year that The Great Gatsby was first published. Much like the book, this coin captured the spirit of the Jazz Age. It's one of the best-known designs of all American coinage and was designed as a post-WW1 peace emblem.

You'll see the Goddess of Liberty on one side of the coin and an iconic bald eagle on the other. The latter clutches an olive branch while the word "peace" shows up next to it.


Buy Old Coins That Are Worth Money

Whether you're an investor or a collector, rare coins are a great way to diversify. You can add them to your coin collection books; you can hold them as a long-term asset to sell.

The United States Gold Bureau is committed to helping you find valuable coins in circulation at a reasonable price. Our team is official, certified, and authorized to sell precious metals, so you know that you're getting what you order.

Download a copy of our free precious metals investor guide to learn more about making the most of your rare coin investment.

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