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Basel III and Gold

Basel III and Gold

March 2, 2021
36%. That is how much the gold price has moved up since we last mentioned Basel III.

Top 5 American Eagle Proof 70 Coins

February 18, 2021
The American Eagle Coin Program is arguably the most notable and revered series of precious metals pieces offered by the United States Mint today.
Metals Minute: Precious Metals Demand

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Demand

February 17, 2021
Since last week Gold is down 2.8% to $1,788, Silver is flat at $27.21 and climbing, Platinum is up 6/10% to $1,259, and Palladium is up 2% to $2,407.
Stock Market Indicators Favor Gold

Stock Market Indicators Favor Gold

February 15, 2021
For the last 100 years, each time this ratio has reached a high point, gold has moved higher.

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Forecast

February 12, 2021
From this time last year, Gold is up 17%, Silver is up 54%, Platinum is up 29%, and Palladium is up 1.4%.

Epic Battle of Paper vs Gold and Silver

February 10, 2021
There is an ongoing battle between those who desire to control gold and silver and those who desire to own it.

Metals Minute: Fireworks for Precious Metals

February 3, 2021
Silver being the main beneficiary, up 9% for the week to $27.05. Gold was up 1/2% to $1849, Platinum was up 4% to $1,110, and Palladium was down 2% to $2,298.

Metals Minute: Golden Opportunity

January 27, 2021
For the week, Gold is down 1% to 1840, Silver is down 3% to 24.87, Platinum is down 4% to 1072, and Palladium is down 3% to 2353.

New Deal for Gold

January 22, 2021
With the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, it became illegal for the public to own many forms of gold.

Metals Minute: Precious Metals Continue to Recover

January 20, 2021
Metals continue to recover this week, with Gold up 4/10% to $1867, Silver up 1% to $25.74, Platinum up 3.2% to $1114. Palladium was down 4/10% to $2426.