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Why Precious Metals?

Storing your assets in the form of Gold can protect your buying power.

Buying Power During 1920


$1 could get you
Dozen Eggs
1 lb of Steak
1lb of Bread


1 oz of Gold could get you that times 20.

Buying Power During 2022


$1 today can get you a Portion of a chocolate bar.


1 oz of Gold today can get 5 months of groceries for 1 person.

This chart shows trends of inflation and the plummeting value of the dollar. In comparison, the value of gold has largely been on an upward trajectory in the last century.

Investing in physical precious metals for your retirement portfolio can protect you from putting all your retirement eggs in a volatile stocks and bonds market. The danger of these equities-heavy accounts is that one big market correction or sustained high inflation can literally wipe out life savings overnight and it can take years for the market to come back around. Typically, when people have valid concerns about inflation or dangers in the market, they look for alternative ways to protect their retirement savings.

The reason to consider converting some or all of your retirement account to a precious metals IRA is logical and simple: changes in investment objectives, stage of life or market conditions should be followed by a change of investment strategy.

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