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Metals Minute - Thanksgiving Edition

November 25, 2020

Gold and Silver were forced down over the last week, but are already beginning to recover. This is largely due to options expiry beginning later this week for Gold, continuing on into next week for Silver.


United States Gold Bureau Will Offer the 2020 Silver American Eagle S Mint Proof Released by the U.S. Mint

October 13, 2020

United States Gold Bureau will offer the 2020 Silver American Eagle S Mint Proof Released by the U.S. Mint.


Federal Reserve Lifts Silver

September 4, 2020

What investment asset class has performed the best YTD in 2020, that also did the best in August? If you said Silver, you’d be correct.


Overcoming Financial Obstacles to Investing in Gold and Silver

July 9, 2020

We explore common reasons investors hesitate to break into or expand within the precious metals market.


Researching an Investment Into Precious Metals

June 26, 2020

In an uncertain world, precious metals investing is an excellent way to maintain relative stability and hedge against losses from constantly fluctuating stocks, bonds, and other highly sensitive markets.


When It’s Time to Sell

June 17, 2020

This is not the time to sell, unless it is time for you. That is to say, Gold and Silver have not reached the pinnacle of bubble territory, when it would be a good time for anyone to sell.

Investing in Precious Metals: Condisdering the Proposal

Investing: Considering Proposals

May 27, 2020
At the United States Gold Bureau, we understand that each investor is unique in his or her financial situation.
Pile of US Treasury Gold Eagle one ounce coins

Government Sponsored Gold

December 16, 2019
The signs are everywhere, and the Federal Reserve is no longer hinting about their desire for higher inflation.
Gold and Silver - Made for Times Like These

Gold and Silver - Made for Times Like These

November 12, 2019
Where does one go in times like these?  Before we can answer this question, we must first determine what kind of times we have, and then gravitate towards what has historically worked best in similar circumstances.  There are troubling signs on the horizon, that indicate a possible recession in the economy, and turbulence for the markets. 
Gold Bar and Dollar

Golden Timing is Now

September 3, 2019
While we may not be certain of future price moves of gold, we try to provide our readers with a projection that is at least in the right direction.