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Selling Gold and Silver? We Make it Easy

Selling Gold and Silver? We Make it Easy

October 03, 2018575 view(s)

It’s officially October. Kids are back at school, the air is turning crisp, and the holidays are “just around the corner,” as more and more folks want to say these days. Fall is in full swing, and we all know what that means: more commitments not only for your calendar but also for your wallet.

If this shifting into the busiest time of year has left you with an unsettling pinch on your pocketbook, or you’re simply feeling that urge to “turn a new leaf” with the changing of seasons – see what we did there? – perhaps the time is right to consider selling your precious metals investments for cold hard cash.

Ok, ok, we can already hear the grumbles reverberating across the interwebs. We know just thinking about selling your gold and silver can often open the floodgates of dread. It’s true that the selling precious metals landscape has in many ways proven to be challenging to navigate, can be fraught with less-than-reputable buyers, and even prone to surprise sub-par payouts for sellers.


Our comeback? Selling gold doesn’t have to be!


If you’re reading this post, you’re already on the right track to experiencing a smoother, less bang-your-head-against-the-wall journey to cashing out your hard money assets. Keep reading, my friend.

The United States Gold Bureau was founded on the premise of bringing trust and integrity to all aspects of the precious metals market – and not just those aspects that serve us most. We’re focused on shoring up all pieces of the puzzle, particularly those that are most beneficial to our clients. Our M.O. has always been to guide you to solutions best suited to your own unique situation, without ulterior motives or questionable end-games.

Hoping we’ve applied this thinking to our precious metals buy-back program? You’re in luck!

To continue putting your needs at the center of everything we do, we’ve developed an easy-to-navigate, straightforward approach to selling your gold, silver and other precious metals pieces.


Here it is, summed up in three simple steps:


1. Create a customer account


Select the items you’re hoping to sell and see the payout amount you’ll receive: After creating a customer account, start with our handy Payouts Catalog to hone in on the coin(s) or bar(s) you’re ready to sell. In the catalog and also across each item’s individual store page, you’ll find the payout price we’re currently offering. You can select multiple items to cash out on in a single transaction, eliminating the need to spend extra time sending through numerous orders.

We strive to provide the utmost transparency in our buy-back process and have optimized our payout price feature to be updated minute-by-minute!

Some of the most popular pieces sold to us are U.S. Silver Eagles, gold bars, and the leaders of the precious metals market, Gold American Eagles.  

2. Lock in your payout


Pack your items and ship them to the U.S. Gold Bureau: Once you’ve loaded up your sell-to-us cart, we’ll generate a shipping label for you, saving you time and money in drumming one up on your own.

To avoid market fluctuations while your items are in transit, you’ll “lock in” your payout price the second you print your custom shipping label. This secured price is good for 48 hours, meaning you have two days to actually ship the package to us to capitalize on the amount.


3. Receive your payout however you’d like


We’ll verify your pieces once received and initiate your payout within five business days of your package arriving at the U.S. Gold Bureau headquarters. You have the option to be paid out via direct ACH deposit, mailed check, or even credit to put toward future U.S. Gold Bureau purchases!

That’s it! A quick 1-2-3 to get from physical coins to actual cash.


A couple other things to keep in mind when selling gold the U.S. Gold Bureau:


Better than a pawn shop:

  The U.S. Gold Bureau is a leader in the precious metals market, and we pride ourselves on not only delivering quality products but also on being experts in the field. We keep a close eye on all the ups and downs of the market, enabling us to offer you the best deal no matter what the landscape – sometimes even getting you better than spot price!


Shipping insurance:


Along with your custom-generated shipping label, each package you send to us will be insured at no extra cost. We aim to make each step of the selling process as easy and stress-free as possible for you, even after your items leave your hands. Safeguarding your package with insurance helps guarantee our system and gives you peace-of-mind when working with the U.S. Gold Bureau.


What precious metals we buy:


Although we primarily purchase bullion pieces from clients, we're always happy to consider other offers. If you have coins or bars that don't fall under the bullion umbrella, don't hesitate to reach out to our team of Precious Metals Experts to discuss more (800-775-3504).

Additionally, the U.S. Gold Bureau is open to purchasing items not sourced initially sourced through us, although, we do only consider pieces that originated from a world-recognized entity like the U.S. Mint or PAMP Suisse.

We also offer our clients the option to sell back Proof coins purchased through us, pending a five-year holding period.

So there you have it, folks. The U.S. Gold Bureau's answer to the haunting question, “Why is selling gold and silver such a strenuous process?”

In short – it doesn’t have to be!

If you’re ready to the pull the trigger on selling precious metal pieces, click on over to our Payouts Catalog to start cashing in (or give us a call at 800-775-3504).

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