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Selling Precious Metals to the U.S. Gold Bureau vs. a Pawn Shop

Selling Precious Metals to the U.S. Gold Bureau vs. a Pawn Shop

March 03, 20204404 view(s)

This past fall, we wrote about the process of selling your gold, silver, and other precious metals to the United States Gold Bureau. Whether you’re looking to trade-up on your inventory or rebalance your asset portfolio, selling your precious metals pieces could be the best next step in your investing career.

How can I sell my bullion items to the U.S. Gold Bureau?

We’ve designed a bullion selling process that is simple, straightforward, and secure.

Our easy-to-navigate Payouts Catalog lists all the bullion coins and bars currently being purchased by the United States Gold Bureau. If you have an item that is not listed and would like us to consider acquiring it, we encourage you to give us a call at 800-775-3504.

After selecting the item(s) you’d like to sell and signing in to your client account, you’ll complete a quick series of steps to verify your identity and learn how to properly pack and ship your items to our secure processing facility in Leander, TX. Finally, you’ll lock in your payout offer by generating a custom FedEx shipping label and sending your package on its way within 48 hours. Due to market influences and inventory considerations, we are only able to guarantee the quoted payout price for up to 48 hours after your shipping label was generated.

Once your item(s) are received, authenticated, and confirmed by our team, your payout will be processed within five business days.

Read more about our metals acquisition process on our Sell to Us page and Payouts Catalog.

Why should I sell to the U.S. Gold Bureau? Isn’t going down to my corner pawn shop easier?

While selling your metals to outfits like pawn shops or via peer-to-peer transactions on eBay or Craigslist are indeed options, there are significant upsides to working with a reputable precious metals dealer like the United States Gold Bureau. While we’re certainly not the only company in the game, we think our level of service and dedication to bettering the precious metals sector sets us apart from the crowd. We’re proud to be a leader in the hard assets space and are honored that our clients continue to enjoy superb service, even as our company continues to evolve.

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The United States Gold Bureau was founded on the premise of “bringing trust and integrity to all aspects of the precious metals acquisition process." To this day, we continue to chart a course of excellence toward this ideal.

With our simple vision of being “the premier supplier of precious metals” as our guide, we let our clients’ needs and goals drive everything we do. To that end, we continually strive to raise the bar on industry practices, principles, and ethics to better serve our clients and all investors in the precious metals marketplace.

As an active member of the Industry Council on Tangible Assets (ICTA), an official precious metals dealer with the State of Texas, and an authorized bulk purchaser with the United States Mint, the United States Gold Bureau subscribes to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct at all levels of our business.

Outside of our company-specific credentials, there are several factors that clients appreciate about working through our selling precious metals system.

1. A secure transaction process.

Part of our core mission is providing all clients – whether buying from or selling to us – a safe, secure, and discreet way of taking control of their finances.

As outlined above, the U.S. Gold Bureau offers an easy-to-navigate sell-to-us process that maintains the highest levels of security at every stage. From identifying the items to sell on our secure website, to completing the transaction through your client account, to shipping your items via a nationally recognized delivery company, the safety and security of your financial assets are at the forefront of our entire acquisition process.

What’s more, our process ensures the safety and security of your valuables even after they've left your hands. With a unique shipping label explicitly generated for your order, plus transport via a  globally recognized delivery company, your valuables are insured and trackable for their entire journey to our secure processing facility in Leander, TX.

With our process, there is also the benefit of selling your precious metals from the comfort and safety of your own home. The likelihood of you falling prey to bad actors or becoming a target of theft along the way is drastically reduced by working through our secure online system. You won’t have to tote your precious metals around town to find the best payout in person, and you can avoid walking out of a storefront with a wad of cash-in-hand, which you then have to transport to a bank for deposit personally. You won't have to meet a stranger in a parking lot to negotiate an off-the-record and potentially subpar deal or tread through the taxing peer-to-peer auction model on sites like eBay, which may or may not earn you what you deserve for your bullion items. Our online process is secure and straightforward, and you know what you're getting and who you’re dealing with each step of the way.

2. A transparent system and fair payouts.

The U.S. Gold Bureau is dedicated to making the precious metals marketplace a trusted, investor-focused space. To that end, we don’t haggle or perpetuate predatory buying-and-selling practices that evoke anxiety, trepidation, or fear. On the contrary, we strive for a fair, straightforward approach to helping you achieve your financial goals: no hidden terms, no surprise fees, and no unexpected hassle.

From the moment you visit our Payouts Catalog, you know what to expect. You can quickly determine whether or not our team is actively purchasing your item and, if so, how much we are offering as a payout.

We outline all the steps you must complete to receive the quoted payout price and go to great lengths to ensure there are no surprise hoops to jump through to get your money. We also clearly state on our website the options you have for receiving your payment, empowering you to choose what’s best for your unique financial situation.

Often not the case with outfits like pawn shops, auction sites, or quick-sale platforms who don’t necessarily abide by market-based standards, payout prices offered by the U.S. Gold Bureau are established upon globally accepted benchmarks. Our payouts are guided by the current spot price of the relevant commodity metal, as determined by the industry-standard Commodities Exchange (COMEX). As we note throughout our website, we generally buy bullion pieces at or near the current spot price, depending on the exact item and market demand.

Our online Payouts Catalog is a dynamic resource reflective of real-time activity across the commodities market. The exact payout for a specific item at a particular time is clearly stated alongside the item's photo, name, and description, eliminating any surprises down the line. Because our prices are market-based, keep in mind that payout amounts can fluctuate until your transaction is locked (that is when you generate your shipping label). Our Payouts Catalog and individual product pages are updated with any market changes every ten minutes, allowing you to see what is being offered at any given time.

3. Client relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

While other outlets may be out to make a quick buck, the United States Gold Bureau is not a one-and-done shop. We’re not interested in maintaining a revolving door of anonymous customers and aren’t keen on perpetuating misguided profit-at-all-costs practices. Every U.S. Gold Bureau team member is focused on the long-term financial health of our clients and is dedicated to building enduring, beneficial, and fruitful relationships with every investor.

As the needs of our clients and the industry at large have evolved since our founding in 2003, the U.S. Gold Bureau has responded by building a diverse team of Precious Metals Experts that bring a wealth of institutional knowledge and array of expert perspectives to the table. Not only is every client paired with an individual account manager for their full tenure with us, but each relationship is also backed behind the scenes by the support of our entire team.

The U.S. Gold Bureau welcomes the opportunity to work with investors at any stage in their financial journeys. Whether building out an asset portfolio for the first time or nearing the investment maturation stage, we’re here to help. Some of the services we offer include a through which clients can invest in proof coins or bullion bars, expert advice on how to establish the ideal mix of investments, know-how, and recommendations on rebalancing asset mix for future financial impact, and even educational materials that clients can use to level-up on investing best practices.

Whether you are looking to begin an enduring investment journey or currently just focused on selling a few pieces, the United States Gold Bureau is here to serve in whatever capacity best suits your needs – both now and in the future.

Ready to give our sell-to-us program a try? Interested in learning about another service mentioned in this post? We’re excited to hear from you! Give our team a call today (800-775-3504) or read more about us and how we can best serve your investment needs.

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