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First Spouse Coins

Top 5 First Spouse Coins

March 17, 20221164 view(s)

Like Jackie O's iconic and timeless fashion ensembles, first spouse coins preserve the lasting legacy of former first ladies. Originally, these coins were minted to complement the $1 presidential bullion series, released at a face value of $10. However, these shiny coins imprinted with profiles of prominent first ladies are not just a pretty collector's item, as they contain half an ounce of 24 karat gold. Let's dive into Scrooge McDuck's proverbial pile of gold and find out what investment potential lies behind these gold coins. 


Are First Spouse Coins a Good Investment?


As of February 2022, one ounce of 24-karat gold has an appraised market value of $1893.90. Each first spouse coin contains half an ounce of 24-karat gold, fetching a price of $950 each, respectively. It's not just the market value of these coins that determines their store of value, as collectability, or how rare each coin is, also factors into their worth.


Because relatively few of these coins were minted, numismatic speculators have deemed them undervalued coins with potential for premiums to skyrocket in alignment with high market demand. The higher the demand, the greater the return on investment, especially compared to common or ordinary gold bullion. Very few first spouse coins have been certified in perfect PF70 condition by the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), lending to their overall value.


In fact, flawless PF70-certified coins are museum-quality, making them preferred by both collectors and investors. Investibility means they are not susceptible to market fluctuations, allowing them to maintain a stable, long-term store of value over time compared to gold bullion alone. Their rarity and verified purity mean that first spouse coins can serve as a hedge against inflation in a well-diversified portfolio during economic turbulence. 


Which First Spouse Coins Should I Invest?


We've selected 5 of the most iconic first spouses minted on coins to provide a cross-comparison of each coin's value and identifying features.


  • Nancy Reagan. Released in July of 2016, this coin has a maximum authorized mintage of 10,000 pieces. Its melt value currently stands at $953.80, while its uncirculated mint value is worth $1,186 or more. A portrait of Nancy illuminates the front of the coin with her arms wrapped around two children wearing "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign t-shirts depicted on the obverse.


  • Jackie O. The Jackie Kennedy first spouse coin has a mintage of 17,993 and was released in 2015. It was produced in two types: an uncirculated gold bullion coin and a mirror-like gold proof coin. Its current estimated appraisal is worth $1,185 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition with a melting price of $952.84. Identifying features include the former first lady's gold-plated portrait on the front and a magnolia flower on the back which she had planted at the White House Garden and the Eternal Flame at her husband's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. Tips of the flower are set on a background of the world, its pedals reaching to the corners of some of her most prominent diplomatic visits.


  • Lady Bird Johnson. In 2015, 4,583 Lady Bird Johnson first spouse coins were approved for mintage. This coin was also released in two forms, one in a solid matted gold and the other with sheen, reflective qualities. An image of Mrs. Johnson is stamped on the front side, while the reverse displays "Beautify Our Cities Parks & Highways" over the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument in reference to her beautification and conservation efforts across America. Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition editions of this coin are currently valued at $1,185 or more with a melt value of $952.84. 


  • Eleanor Roosevelt. With a mintage of 4,236, the Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse gold coin was released in 2014 with two available options. Both options are currently estimated with a value of $1,187 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition and a melt value of $954.15. Eleanor Roosevelt's assured face smiles at us from the front side of the coin. On the reverse, Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy is unsealed in gold with her hand lighting a candle - symbolic of the global impact her humanitarian efforts had that defined her life's work.


  • Mary Todd Lincoln. The Mary Todd Lincoln first spouse coin was released in 2010 with a mintage of 10,556. This coin has an estimated worth of $1,343 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition and a melt value of $951.15. Distinguishing features include a profile of the former first lady on the front and a design depicting her bringing wounded Union soldiers flowers and books on the reverse side. 



Common identifying features of these top 5 first spouse coins include an insignia on the reverse bearing the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, $10, 1/2 OZ. and .9999 FINE GOLD — as mandated by law. Measuring in at a diameter of 26-27 mm and weighing between 15-16 grams is also a common characteristic. As all of these coins were minted at the West Point Mint, a "W" mint mark is minted to verify their authenticity. 


 Why Invest in Gold with the United States Gold Bureau?


Like any physical gold investment, you'll want to ensure that you are working with a reputable dealer when investing in gold coins. Forgery is always a concern. You'll want to verify your coin's authenticity using a bona fide Precious Metal Specialist to protect your investment. 


At the U.S. Gold Bureau, our detail-oriented Precious Metals Specialists are trained to identify the minutiae of distinguishing characteristics featured on collectible gold bullion. We serve our investment community with intentions as pure as 24-karat gold bullion. We are directly compliant with all gold-industry standard rules and regulations and the top associations and governing bodies of the precious metals industry.


Please schedule a consultation with one of our precious metal experts or give us a call (800) 775-3504 to learn more about how investing in first spouse gold coins can help strengthen the diversification of your portfolio today.


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