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Metals Minute: Inflation on the Horizon?

Metals Minute 24: Inflation on the Horizon?

April 21, 2021562 view(s)

For the 1-yr period, gold is up 6%, silver is up 76%, platinum is up 60%, and palladium has moved up 42% since a year ago. Just as in other areas of investing, diversification is an important practice to consider when purchasing precious metals, among different metals, and between bullion vs numismatic holdings.



The #SilverSqueeze​ movement is alive and well and has gone beyond an encouragement to purchase physical silver for delivery or vault storage. Movement organizers are actively engaging regulators, to try and bring an end to the rampant manipulation of precious metals prices in the paper markets. They have our wholehearted support, and we wish them well.

The other main story these days is “Inflation”. While the official inflation numbers reported seeming to stay in a range of 1.5 - 2.5%, commodity items are up sharply across the board. This is often a precursor to broader inflation throughout the economy, as input costs drive up the prices for finished products. Precious metals are often a good hedge in an environment like today.

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