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Investing in Precious Metals: Condisdering the Proposal

Investing: Considering Proposals

May 27, 20202799 view(s)

Diversification is a time-tested approach to investing that we at the United States Gold Bureau proudly stand behind.

One of the most common ways we see investors adopting diversification in their lives is through the acquisition of precious metals. While this smart asset allocation approach has proven successful for countless clients over the years, curiously, we still find some investors hesitating when it comes time to pull the trigger.

Although it may seem foolish, at first glance, to pass on such a proven strategy, we’ve found through recent research that such hesitation is, more often than not, rooted in reasonable objections. To explain their shying away from or delaying their purchasing of precious metals, investors cite such justifications as experiencing or perceiving financial obstacles, wanting to weigh different investment options before making a decision, or simply still gathering initial research.

To enhance our long-standing tradition of providing all clients – regardless of where they currently fall in the purchasing pipeline – with the utmost in service and expertise, we wanted to take some time to explore these objections and offer what we hope will serve as motivation to keep investors of all ilk moving their investment careers forward.

Today, we’ll dive into the most common objection we’ve found to be plaguing investors: Taking time to consider a current proposal. We’ll explore the different ways investors define this rationale and provide some insight into how we at the United States Gold Bureau create custom investment strategies for our clients and why we recommend some of the products that we do.

Feel free to use any of the points outlined below or the educational resources we’ve linked to while examining your investment career and keep an eye on the blog for discussions on other common objections coming soon.


“I’m still considering the investment proposal I received.”

According to recent research, we’ve found that investors most often cite that they are “still considering” the investment strategy proposed to them as the most common reason they’ve paused the precious metals purchasing process. As we’ve seen, the “still considering” umbrella includes explanations such as the investor is in the process of reviewing the ins and outs of the proposed recommendations, needs to consult with his or her spouse or financial advisor, or working through the comparison of various IRA options.

While "still considering," of course, is not a total rejection of investing in precious metals, we thought it could still be helpful to examine this claim and provide useful context to investors who find themselves in the same consideration stage of investing in precious metals.


How the U.S. Gold Bureau Puts Together Client Proposals


At the United States Gold Bureau, we understand that each investor is unique in his or her financial situation. Regardless of means or experience, each client brings value to the investing world and deserves the opportunity to protect his or her hard-earned money against the volatility of today’s financial climate.

To best meet each of our clients' needs, the U.S. Gold Bureau starts with a thorough assessment of the individual’s financial situation, which helps our team pinpoint pertinent details related to the client’s investment circumstances. Examples of such information include experience with commodities investments, tolerance for risk, time horizon, and ROI expectations. Answers to these questions help our team design a unique and tailored metals portfolio that aims to safeguard each client's money from fluctuations in the market while positioning his or her holding for superior long-term growth.

After the initial assessment, we match clients with one of our Precious Metals Experts, who will serve as that client’s dedicated guide for the duration of the metals investment process. Before putting any recommendations together, the client’s Expert will further examine the current financial circumstances at hand and talk through any short and long-term goals the client may have.

Once a clear and complete picture of the client’s investor profile is established, his or her Expert will get to work on a personalized investment strategy optimized for the needs and goals of the client.

Once a proposal is generated, the client will have the opportunity to review details of the recommendations, ask any clarifying questions, and of course, request alterations until he or she feels one-hundred-percent comfortable moving forward with the investment strategy.


Additionally, the United States Gold Bureau prides itself on being the leading expert on precious metals in the field, always keeping a pulse on market drivers and using our industry insights to inform and optimize clients’ investment strategies. Our team monitors news and current events to identify happenings that could impact investment choices, including regional, national, or even global economic disruptions, geopolitical incidents, consumer demand and its potential effects on product supply, and impending global health or other crises, to name a few.

To get a feel for how we approach a variety of investment needs, take a look at some of our example “starter” packages. Keep in mind that these are just starting points, and your dedicated Precious Metals Expert will provide you with a custom strategy based on your unique investment factors.

Investing: Considering Proposals

Why We Recommend the Products We Do


Anybody can tell you where the market has been and what is hot right now. Our strength is knowing where the market is going.

Our executive team boasts over 50 years of combined precious metals experience, which allows us to bring an unbeatable level of industry expertise to the table and equip you with the know-how needed to reap the benefits of smart investing for years to come.

Since our company founding in 2003, market research and evidence-based decision-making have informed our philosophy and guided our approach to all aspects of investing. To this day, we continue delivering this performance-driven strategy to each of our clients.

Throughout our 17-year history, we’ve identified several key products that have continually proven to be sound investment pieces. For example, Investment Grade Gold American Eagle Proof coins have increased in value over the past 10+ years, making them reliable stores of wealth for our clients.

Furthermore, we’ve identified such Investment Grade, or Proof, coins – those deemed to be of the perfect museum-quality condition by leading industry experts – as providing more stability to investors than bullion over the long term. As such, we often recommend these investment-grade products to our clients and have built out an inventory of Investment Grade coins made up almost exclusively of PF70-graded issues to meet our investors’ needs.

Guided by a deep understanding of product performance, we've incorporated U.S. Gold Bureau-exclusive value-adds to some of our products, giving our clients even more of an edge when it comes to investing in precious metals. For example, our Ed Moy hand-signed certification labels have generated much attention and fanfare in the precious metals market, proving year after year to enhance the value of our Proof-70 investment coins.

As we continue working toward our mission of being the premier supplier of precious metals, we're continually exploring ways to better understand and address investor concerns to better serve our clients. We hope today’s topic exploration will aid you in your journey toward precious metals investing and financial well-being.

Have a question for our team or ready to start exploring your investment options? Give our team a call (800-775-3504) or complete our Portfolio Builder Questionnaire to get the ball rolling on a custom-designed investment strategy!


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