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Metals Minute: FED Announcement Day

Metals Minute 46: FED Announcement Day

September 22, 2021535 view(s)

FED Announcement Day today, due to begin at 1 PM CST. I believe most of what we can expect will be many talks about minimal action. The FED is gingerly trying to negotiate a fine line between tanking the markets vs. tanking the dollar. The result will likely support the markets while allowing the dollar to be further devalued by inflation.

While all the metals are moving higher today, the week was mixed with gold down 1% to $1,786, silver down 3% to $23.07, platinum up 7% to $1,019, palladium up 3% to $2,074.

For the yearly time frame, gold and silver are lower by 6%, platinum is up 17%, and palladium is off 7% from a year ago.

For the precious metals investor, this is the time to be patient and continue to stack metal. This patience will be rewarded in the months and years directly ahead of us as we move into the stagflationary environment developing.

To protect our purchasing power while inflation continues to abound while limiting downside risk, precious metals continue to offer a sound alternative to dollar-based paper assets.

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