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Is Gold a Wise Short-Term Investment?

August 06, 2010585 view(s)

Financial experts will tell you to focus on the long-term values of your investments and not to pay too much attention to the day-to-day daily market fluctuations. The same goes for owning gold coins.

Gold has long been sought after for its beauty, rarity and indestructibility. In comparison to the dollar, which do you think is more likely to burn if you take a lighter to it? Gold has always been considered a good hedge against inflation and many financial experts suggest keeping at least 5 percent of your portfolio in gold. Having physical gold in your possession is one of the safest ways to protect your investment but what about gold for a short term investment?

While it is possible to make money with gold bullion right away, it is usually best as a long-term investment. However, rare gold coins are probably the best long-term gold investments you can make. It takes years of experience tracking coins and identifying the right time to sell or buy.

What are the other short term investment opportunities with gold?

Futures, ETFs, forwards, options and derivatives are some of the short-term opportunities with gold. They usually involve making bets and speculating about the future price of gold, other commodities, bonds, and interest rates among other things. They are considered high risk, like any other short term investment opportunity. The most secure way to invest in gold for the short-term is by taking physical possession of your gold through the purchase of gold bullion coins or bars.

It is important to decide what your motivation is for investing in gold. Are you trying to protect your assets and savings or are you looking for the quickest way to make some money? Are you a speculator, saver or investor? What are your short- and long-term gold goals? Decide what your motivation is and take into consideration the cost of all investment opportunities.

Investors all over the world are catching gold fever and following the advice of gold tycoons like Fox news reporter, Glenn Beck.

Make sure you look at your portfolio holistically. If used correctly, gold can be a highly effective investment.

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