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Electronic manufacturers buy gold to improve their designs

February 03, 2012167 view(s)

It seems that with every new year, there are dozens of innovative electronics that consumers just have to have. Whether it is the latest computer or mobile phone, the design and makeup of the device need to withstand rugged use. What many people may not know is that the growth in electronics causes an increase in the consumption of gold.

Gold is the material of choice for many manufacturers in the electronics industry, especially telecommunications. Most devices use very small voltages and currents to operate efficiently. However, the contact points of those currents are easily interrupted by corrosion. Gold is unique in that its resistance to corrosion is almost unparalleled.

Many businesses that work to develop world-changing electronic devices buy gold to help create sturdy, long-lasting products. They purchase gold bars and use the necessary appropriations to create electronics that can handle continued use and withstand the test of time.

While many consumers think of gold in terms of rare coins or gold bullion. Professionals in the technology industry tend to look at the precious metal as another tool in their design kit. Engineers can use gold bonding wires or gold electroplating in devices to help the electronics resist environmental effects. Gold is also used in connectors, switch and relay contacts, soldered joints, connecting wires and connection strips in popular devices.

Gold is an invaluable property in the world today. Whether used to measure wealth or as an indispensable material in telecommunications, people have found that the precious metal has a wide array of unique qualities, and will likely remain a trusted indicator of success for years to come. Taking the time to notice how many surrounding devices contain gold may be an eye-opening experience. For instance, the phones that people use on a daily basis would not work without some amount of this shiny metal.

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