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Demand for silver coins is up, experts predict rally

Demand for silver coins is up, experts predict rally

July 18, 2012289 view(s)

The United States Mint is well known for producing a number of silver coins that investors and collectors purchase for varying reasons. Generally, those investing in silver are looking for an asset that is going to have a value which is stable over the long run, while collectors are seeking beautiful coins they can also appreciate visually and historically. Media experts believe the recent surge in demand for these U.S. coins may be caused by a predicted rise in silver prices that many investors predict is on the way. Purchasing from a government source guarantees quality, something both collectors and investors care greatly about.

Three of the top silver coins produced by U.S. mints saw sales rise by at least 10,000 coins per week, an impressive figure that shows investors may be looking more favorably upon silver right now. Gold has been in a ten year rally. For those who want to be ready for any changes in value, investing in silver gives them a similar investment that has strong industrial uses to help its value hold no matter what the economy happens to be doing at the moment. If silver prices rise to the levels that some are predicting they will by the end of 2012, those who purchase coins like these stand to hold an asset they can either hang on to or choose to liquidate if they need a source of quick cash.

Two of the top investment products selling through the U.S. Mint right are the San Francisco American Silver Eagle Two Coin Set and the 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle coin. The first product rose by more than 27,000 sales in a single week while the second saw a surge of more than 18,500 in one week. To give some insight into what a sharp rise this is, the sales numbers for these same products in the week preceding the last week of June were 14,164 and 5,468. Clearly, a dramatic change has occurred. This could spur silver investors to seriously consider whether it might be time for them to add some of these coins to their own holdings.

Both of these top selling silver investment products are relative newcomers to the U.S. Mint's offerings. The San Francisco American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set has been available since June 7, 2012 and in less than a month, over 162,000 sets have been sold. The 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle has been out a little bit longer, since April 12, 2012 and has sold in excess of 456,000 units since that time. This year has seen very strong sales of the 2012 bullion American Eagle silver coins, more than 17 million having been reported as sold so far.

With the euro zone looking difficult to predict and the U.S. economy not exactly impressing investors, silver could be yet another option for those who want to build long term wealth. It is cheaper than gold and yet offers plenty of reasons that its value can remain consistent through harsh economic times.

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