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2019 Silver American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof

November 14, 20192448 view(s)

UPDATE: This coin sold out in 18 minutes from the U.S. Mint. To obtain one of these unique beauties graded by NGC at the highest PF70 level visit our product page here.

In an exciting end-of-year announcement, the U.S. Mint will begin selling its highly anticipated 2019 Silver American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof coin starting at noon ET this Thursday, November 14th. While this long-awaited coin has been part of the Mint’s 2019 release lineup for months, it wasn’t until this autumn that investors finally had a specific date to look forward to when they could get their hands on this unique piece.

The 2019 Enhanced Reverse Proof is the newest incarnation of the Silver American Eagle, and the first time the finish is being offered on a stand-alone Silver Eagle piece. The Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver American Eagle was sold earlier this year alongside the Canadian One Ounce Silver Maple Leaf as part of the Pride of Two Nations set. Still, coins bearing this finish have not been available on their own until now.

Why Should I Purchase My 2019 Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle from the U.S. Gold Bureau?

As part of our mission to bring the utmost customer care and highest quality precious metals pieces to the numismatics sphere, the United States Gold Bureau is excited to provide our clients the opportunity to obtain a 2019 Silver Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof coin graded at the premiere PF70 level. The 2019 Silver American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proofs acquired through the U.S. Gold Bureau will be accompanied by one of our exclusive, unique, and highly covetable certification labels hand-signed by Ed C. Moy.

Moy, a highly respected economist, author, public speaker, and businessman, served under President George W. Bush as the 38th Director of the United States Mint from September 2006 through early January 2011. Previously, Moy had served as President Bush’s Special Assistant in addition to supporting the administration as it transitioned to the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security after September 11th.

With such an esteemed career, Moy has rightfully earned recognition as a celebrated public servant. It’s no surprise that the hand-signed certification labels unique to U.S. Gold Bureau PF70 coins have enjoyed praise in investment circles, proving to be highly lucrative value-adds for our clients.

Additionally, investment pieces accompanied by an Ed Moy certification label have been adopted by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation as the premiere series of modern-day U.S. Mint coins.

What Are the 2019 Silver American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof Specs?

The U.S. Mint has set a maximum mintage number of 30,000 2019 Silver Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof coins – the lowest mintage of an American Silver Eagle to date. As NGC points out, this quantity is even less than the highly sought after 1995-W Silver Eagle Proof. With such low strike numbers, the Enhanced Reverse Proof 2019 Eagle has already gained status as a hot-ticket item and is expected to be met with fanfare and celebration from the investment sector. Additionally, the Mint will enforce a one-coin-per-household order limit, further emphasizing the piece’s allure.

Similar to its other Silver American Eagle counterparts, the Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagle is made of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver and bears the same legal-tender face value of one U.S. dollar. It is struck with reeded edges and measures just over an inch-and-a-half in diameter.

While this end-of-year release shares many features with its Silver American Eagle predecessors, it does stand out from the crowd in many ways. Perhaps what sets it apart most, though, is its brilliant and unique Enhanced Reverse Proof finish.

A standard “Proof” finish features high-sheen, mirror-like fields – the background areas of a coin’s design – and frosted devices – the design elements themselves. Conversely, a “Reverse Proof” coin boasts the same highly polished and frosted finishes, but in an inverted fashion – frosted fields and shiny devices.

An “Enhanced Reverse Proof” finished coin is a striking take on both of these concepts. Like the standard “Reverse Proof” finish, Enhanced Reverse Proofs feature frosted fields and mirror-like devices, but what makes this unique iteration stand out is the presence of polishing and frosting applied to multiple isolated areas of the coin’s design. As the Mint points out, this selective finishing “dramatically enhances the visual impact” of the Silver Eagle’s classic design.

Regardless of iteration, all Proof coins are born out of a rigorous and meticulous production method, undergoing several rounds of polishing, striking and finishing that results in the exceptional beauties that have come to be revered so highly in today’s investments world.

What Does the 2019 Silver Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof Look Like?

Carrying forth the legacy of the Silver American Eagle series, the 2019 Enhanced Reverse Proof edition bears Adolph A. Weinman’s beloved “Walking Liberty” design on its obverse.

Silver American Eagle

The design, which dates back to the first half of the 20th century, features a remarkable and modern portrayal of Lady Liberty striding confidently toward a beaming sun cresting over a majestic mountain range. A billowing American flag envelopes Liberty, who holds her right arm outstretched toward the light and cradles a bundle of laurel and oak branches in her left arm.

Befitting of the striking image, the word “L I B E R T Y” appears in large, eye-catching letters along the top rim of the coin’s obverse, mirrored by the strike year along the bottom. The words, “IN GOD WE TRUST” appear on two lines to the right of Liberty.

Also mimicking previous Silver Eagle issues, the backside of the Enhanced Reverse Proof features a stately heraldic eagle donning a striped shield over its chest. The bird clasps an olive branch in its right talon and a bundle of arrows in its left, while thirteen five-pointed stars hover over its head. In its beak, the eagle clenches a flowing ribbon stitched with the U.S. motto, “E Pluribus Unum.” The reverse also features the coin’s one troy-ounce weight in “FINE SILVER” and its “ONE DOLLAR” face value.

Perhaps most notably on the reverse appears the “S” mintmark, indicating the 2019 Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Eagles are struck at the revered San Francisco Mint. As we’ve written about before, this West Coast Mint outpost has a long and storied history, earning it a fond reputation in the hearts and minds of the American people.

U.S. Gold Bureau clients will have the opportunity to obtain one of these unique beauties graded by NGC at the highest PF70 level in the coming weeks. Ready to learn more now? Give our team of Precious Metals Experts a call at 800-775-3504 today!

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