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The 2012 America the Beautiful Silver Coins Are Highly Coveted

February 28, 2012289 view(s)

Collectors have long been attracted to the alluring qualities of rare coins. These items are often made from precious metals, which are the driving force in the marketplace today. People who want a piece of American history while also investing in an appreciating commodity may want to get their hands on gold, silver or platinum coins.

In today's market, many collectors have turned their attention toward the U.S Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters Program. While the average person will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these coins through natural circulation, the avid collector may want to purchase America the Beautiful 5-oz Silver Bullion alternatives. These silver coins are sure to add value to any rare coin portfolio.

In 2012, the program will be in its third year, and the latest strikes will represent the eleventh through fifteenth of the series. In the latest installment, the U.S. Mint will issue coins representing El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico; Chaco Culture National Historical Park of New Mexico; Acadia National Park of Maine; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii; and Denali National Park of Alaska.

The series will have 56 coins in total, all of which will honor a different national site. The program is scheduled to run until 2021, so collectors who have delayed getting involved in such a historic series may want to make up lost ground and begin gathering the entire set today.

Collectors who want a diverse portfolio of rare coins may want to get their hands on these silver bullion pieces. There are limited quantities, so supplies won't last. These memorable coins will complement any collection and are sure to appreciate in value for years to come.

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