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Thanks to its widespread use and substantial history, silver has become not only a familiar, everyday material but also a highly regarded investment vehicle. Read more about silver rounds here.

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Silver Private Rounds

Perhaps most widely recognized for its use in coinage around the globe, silver enjoys standing as a secure hedge against inflation and reliable means of protecting personal wealth. Regarded by numismatics and precious metals experts as a healthy store of value, many investors seek out silver as a way to build out and diversify asset holdings in a reliable and long-lasting way.

Why is silver valuable?

Silver has many unique features that put it in an elite class of elements known as precious metals. Like gold and platinum, silver boasts intrinsic value thanks to its inherent physical properties. Unlike modern-day paper money that no longer requires physical backing, silver is a tangible asset that must be physically mined to increase its supply. Since its quantities can’t be arbitrarily increased, silver is often insulated from many of the economic disturbances endured by today’s fiat money systems. The fact that paper money can be frivolously printed in higher supplies without regard to physical backing makes economies that rely on it prone to swings of inflation, deflation, and other volatilities.

Silver is also durable and resistant to decay, making it an ideal choice for investment and monetary pieces that rely on longevity. Silver is more abundant than many of its precious metal counterparts, often making it more accessible to a broader range of investors. Additionally, silver can be molded into relatively small, easily manageable forms, allowing for pieces made of the metal to be easily transported and stored.

What are silver rounds?

In addition to its use in legal tender coins, silver is also used in the minting of alternative pieces known as generic or private “rounds.” While cast in similar shapes and sizes to monetary coins, “rounds” are not classified as “coins” in the U.S. at all since they are not government-issued forms of currency. Instead, these rounds are produced by private mints solely for investment purposes. Rounds do not carry monetary denominations and instead, derive value from the amount and quality of silver they contain. Stocking up on these privately minted pieces is another way to stake a claim in the lucrative precious metals market while diversifying your asset portfolio – all without sacrificing quality or value.

Silver private rounds boast many appealing characteristics and can sometimes even be better suited to particular investment scenarios than other precious metal pieces. The United States Gold Bureau offers rounds composed of high quality .999 fine silver that often performs excellently as investments. Perhaps most notably, though, silver private rounds are often more affordable than their legal tender counterparts. Their typically-lower premiums over spot price regularly give buyers big bang for their silver-investing buck, especially when compared to other iterations of the precious metal.

Private rounds are struck in a variety of forms and fashions, allowing investors to build themed – or eclectic! – holdings ideally suited to their tastes. One popular design approach is replicating famed, and favorite motifs initially struck on legal tender coins. One such design often reproduced on silver private rounds is the famed Buffalo, or Indian Head, motif. This design was initially conceived by James Earle Fraser and struck on U.S. copper nickels from 1913 to 1938.

On the proverbial flip side, rounds can be cast in wholly original motifs, many of which bring an abstract, modern edge not often seen with precious metal pieces. Since private rounds aren’t legal tender and therefore not subject to artistic mandates like government-issued coins are, the opportunity for creative and often unique designs is vast. Many outfits, such as the International Trade Bullion, whose pieces are offered exclusively through the U.S. Gold Bureau, opt for such an innovative approach as a way to generate originality and expand the market selection.

Silver private rounds are often offered in one-Troy ounce versions containing .999 fine silver. Some series, such as the Silver Buffalo replicas, also include smaller sizes such as half, quarter and one-tenth ounce options. Regardless of size, silver private rounds offer a unique and advantageous way to diversify investment portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

Why should I buy Silver Private Rounds from the United States Gold Bureau?

Silver is a well-known and trusted store of value and is highly regarded as a reliable means of investment.

Silver has proven to be an excellent way to hedge against periods of economic inflation, deflation, and devaluation.

Silver private rounds do not carry monetary face values, but instead, derive value from their quality silver contents.

All silver private rounds offered by the United States Gold Bureau are comprised of high quality .999 fine silver.

Silver private rounds are often more affordable alternatives to legal tender coins due to lower premiums over spot price.

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