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1 Gram Platinum Bar


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This product is a 1 gram Platinum bar that is .9995 fine Platinum.




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Introducing a 1 gram Platinum bar, meticulously crafted to a purity of .9995 fine, representing an exquisite addition to the world of precious metals investment. These smaller Platinum bars offer an accessible entry point or expansion opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Platinum, with its rarity exceeding that of gold by tenfold, presents a compelling investment proposition for those seeking to broaden their investment horizons. Its unique properties and limited supply make it an intriguing choice for astute investors aiming to enhance the resilience and diversity of their investment portfolios.

Investing in Platinum bars provides a tangible means of acquiring this precious metal, allowing investors to participate directly in the Platinum market. Whether starting anew or expanding an existing portfolio, these smaller bars offer a convenient and manageable way to access the potential benefits of Platinum investment.

As investors continue to seek out avenues for diversification and wealth preservation, Platinum bars offer a compelling opportunity to capitalize on the unique properties and investment potential of this precious metal. With its rarity, versatility, and inherent value, Platinum remains a cornerstone of any well-rounded investment strategy.

1 Gram Platinum Bar Details:

  • Hallmark varies based on availability. We cannot guarantee specific Hallmarks. (Some not pictured)
  • 1 gram (.03215 oz) of .9995 fine Platinum
  • Obverse: Varies depending upon the bar you receive.
  • Reverse: Varies depending upon the bar you receive.
  • USGB guarantees every Platinum bar in our inventory.
Face ValueN/A
Mint Or RefineryN/A
Metal TypePlatinum
Mordern Or HistoricalModern
Metal Weight1 gram
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