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25 gram Platinum PAMP Suisse MultiGram (25 x 1 gram bars)


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PAMP Multi-Gram +25 (25 1 Gram Platinum Bars)




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Introducing the innovative MULTIGRAM+25 bullion set by PAMP, a groundbreaking addition to the world of precious metals investment. This unique set comprises 25 individual 1-gram platinum bars ingeniously packaged within interconnecting CertiPAMP units. These units can be effortlessly snapped off from the set as desired, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience for investors.

Each 1-gram platinum bar is securely sealed within its CertiPAMP unit, maintaining its individual certification and distinct identity even when separated from the set. This feature ensures the authenticity and integrity of each bar, making MULTIGRAM+25 an ideal choice for both seasoned bullion enthusiasts and gift-givers alike.

The modular design of the MULTIGRAM+25 offers unparalleled versatility, allowing investors to easily tailor their holdings to suit their preferences or investment goals. Whether seeking to diversify a portfolio or present a unique and memorable gift, this innovative bullion set delivers both practicality and sophistication.

With its combination of craftsmanship, security, and convenience, the MULTIGRAM+25 bullion set represents a significant advancement in the field of precious metals investment. It embodies PAMP's commitment to innovation and excellence, providing investors with a modern and flexible solution for acquiring platinum bullion in smaller, easily manageable increments.

Purity24 Karat
Face Value1.5 euro
Mint Or RefineryPAMP
Metal TypePlatinum
Mordern Or HistoricalModern
Metal Weight25 grams
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