Vote for Gold

Vote for Gold

Vote for Gold

November 8, 2022 302 view(s)

Every two years, the U.S. has elections. As people like to say, politicians are like diapers. The great thing about democracy is that if you don’t like how things are going, you can change them (like changing a dirty diaper). The other day, my colleague asked my opinion about the election and what a Republican or Democrat win would mean for gold. Her question was a good one, so I addressed it here. The short answer is that there may be some short-term movement, but it doesn't matter much in the long run.

First, most people investing in precious metals are not trying to get rich overnight. Most precious metal investors allocate a portion of their portfolio for long-term safety. Investors trying to capture short-term gains in price movements tend to be in the risky paper markets, not frequently turning over the physical. Precious metals have been the most trusted wealth protection vehicle for thousands of years. They have survived every change of power, philosophy, and governance style. The value of precious metals transcends the ebb and flow of politics and elections.

Second, there are so many crises worldwide and so much paper market manipulation that any election effect would be short-lived. The most likely market effect would be that things move little. The market has already generally priced in election expectations. If there were surprises, some market movements could be felt in the stock market for a few days as day traders react to the election results. If there are surprise Republicans wins, the market may believe unexpected tax breaks are coming. If there are surprise Democrat wins, the stock market probably will pull back because the expectation is for Republicans to take control of both houses. The market may rally for a few days. However, the rally would respond emotionally and not based on fundamentals or changes to the tax policy. After a few days, the news and emotions will change, and the market will return to its downward trend line. For the few days of the market rally, precious metals could likely experience a short pullback. It may be an excellent time to dollar cost average. However, it would be volatile and extremely short-lived. 

The predictable outcome is that market conditions won't change much, no matter who wins. There will continue to be uncertainty in the market. There are many indicators of economic danger. The national debt is more than $31 trillion, with more than $92 trillion in unfunded liabilities. The United States/Saudi Arabia petrodollar agreement is falling apart as Saudi Arabia moves closer to China. Inflation is at record highs, and aggressive interest rate hikes are destroying countless retirement accounts. The housing market is collapsing. Russia will continue fighting in Ukraine, and Europe’s energy crisis will continue. The list of crises could fill this entire page. It seems improbable that either party could do anything substantial to stop the economic freight train ripping through the global economy.

Make a Choice

Vote for goldVote for gold

People say, "if you don't vote, you shouldn't complain." Voting is about making a choice and being responsible for outcomes. Sometimes voting may feel like choosing the lesser of two evils, but it is still about choosing a better path forward. Voting is not limited to the voting booth. Every day people vote with their actions about the best way to govern their lives and finances. People choose how to spend their time, what information to consume, how to respond to the information, and how to allocate their capital. Some people waste their time and money, and others have a plan. People can choose wisdom or foolishness. Wisdom is better, but freedom allows people to vote on how to govern their lives at the societal and personal levels. Are you voting for wisdom or foolishness? How about your portfolio? What does your portfolio want?

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your portfolio, why not vote for something different? Holding physical precious metals is a vote for self-reliance and sound money. Holding physical precious metals is a vote for returning to the time-tested strategies of kings, religions, and wise men/women. Precious metals have been a part of man's wealth preservation strategies as long as there has been recorded history. Did you know the Bible mentions gold in the Garden of Eden story? The world has changed so much in the last 6,000 years, but gold has remained and will continue to remain. Gold is on the ballot and has a very impressive track record. Most people will consider a politician's record before casting their ballot. Why don't people do that more frequently for their portfolios? Are you going to re-elect the undisputed financial champion of history to anchor your portfolio, or do you prefer the fledgling fiat currency of  the moment?

Want to take back your financial sovereignty? Vote for Gold. 

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About the Author: Ryan Watkins


Ryan is proud to be an Army veteran. After honorably serving his country, he studied finance, marketing, and kinesiology and graduated Cum Laude. Sharing a professional, practical, well-rounded investment perspective is his primary objective. Ryan invests in many different assets but admits he likes tangible assets best. His sincere passion is educating people and helping them make the most informed choices.

This article expresses the viewpoints of one of our precious metals specialists, based on recent news reports and opinion-based analysis of the situation. This information should in no way be taken as professional investment advice. As always, we encourage you to talk to your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.