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The Golden Buddha: The World's Largest Gold Statue

February 09, 20124540 view(s)

Where do you think the world's largest gold statue is located? If you guessed Chinatown, Thailand, then you are correct. The statue is called the Phra Sukhothai Traimit, or the Golden Buddha. It is made with 5.5 tons of solid gold and stands nearly 10 feet tall, according to Thaiways Magazine.

Located near Chinatown in Bangkok, the Buddha statue is positioned in the traditional sitting pose and vibrantly displays his serene majesty. The Korea Times explains that the hundreds of daily visitors are taken aback by the statue when they see it in person. Apparently even the most jaded of onlookers are inspired by the power the Golden Buddha seems to emit.

Besides the enormity of the statue, the interesting thing about the Golden Buddha is its discovery. Historians believe it was covered with plaster at some point after its creation, estimated to be somewhere between the 13th and 15th century, in order to keep it hidden from invaders. In the 1930s, the statue was housed in a simple building filled with old Thai artifacts. The Korea Times explains that it was not until 1955 that the Golden Buddha was discovered for what it really was.

In an effort to move the statue to a new temple, the crane dropped it into the mud. The next morning, a temple monk found that a rainstorm had caused the plastic to begin cracking. Through the cracks, the gold could be seen, and it was discovered to be entirely made of gold.

Consider visiting the Golden Buddha if you are ever in the Bangkok area. If nothing else, a chance to see the world's largest gold statue may be well worth the trip.

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