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All The History of Gold Articles


Will Donald Trump’s Face Be on a Coin?

March 02, 20171213 view(s)

Donald Trump has his own coin but it isn't actual currency. Could President Trump be included on our currency? Find out how to make it happen.

Ninteen Thirty-Three Twenty Dollar Double Eagle

More Than Mythical: The Storied History of the Double Eagle Gold Coin

February 22, 20173290 view(s)

The Double Eagle gold coin has an incredibly storied past, intertwined in the United States economy and often shrouded in some degree of mystery.

Gold Bar

What is Gold Used For? Industrial Uses of Gold

January 30, 20176726 view(s)

<p>What is gold used for? Learn the many ways in which gold is used in industrial applications. Did you know that gold is really malleable?</p>

Can Gold Help Fight Alzheimer's

August 25, 2016426 view(s)

Gold have been used in medicine since 1890. New research shows the precious metal could help to treat people suffering from Alzheimer's.

The Amazingly True Facts About Gold

August 22, 2016469 view(s)

How much gold is in the world? Where did all of the gold come from? Why did Pirates wear gold earrings? All of these and more interesting facts about gold.

English Central Bank Secretly Sold Gold Bullion for the Nazis in 1939

July 31, 2013438 view(s)

England's central bank got its hands dirty back in 1939 selling looted gold on behalf of the Nazi regime, reported the Financial Times.


Experts learn more about Crusader gold and how these coins were viewed

August 14, 2012472 view(s)

Archaeologists in Israel found a large cache of gold from the the era of the Crusades, estimated to go back as far as 1241 A.D.

Saint George the Victorious: Russia's Most Popular Gold Coin

July 02, 2012891 view(s)

After not having minted a single Saint George coin in 2011, Russia is planning on bringing back the iconic 50 ruble gold coin next year, in 2012.


French Roosters: gold bullion coins that excite collectors today

June 11, 2012358 view(s)

France is a nation that has long been known for its passion for fine arts. It should come as no surprise that once France decided to issue coins, it took that same passion to design them.


The Jamestown Settlers Came Looking for Gold

February 09, 201212885 view(s)

The Virginia Company of London was the first joint-stock company to travel to the new world.

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