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Why Do I Want MS-70 Coins In My Collection?

February 29, 2012292 view(s)

If you are serious about collecting rare coins, you would be wise to educate yourself on the grading scale used to rate collectibles. Grading coins is an art, and some would have you believe it is a science, but anyone can learn the basics simply by paying attention to the trends in the industry.

American coins are most often graded on a 70 point scale that was devised by Dr. William Shelby. The scale ranges from 0 (the lowest) to 70 (a perfect coin), and collectors often seek out coins that fall higher on the given ranking system.

The U.S. Mint issues out coins varying from MS-60 to MS-70, which provides investors with ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios and increase the worth of their collections. As a beginner, it may be difficult for you to distinguish between an MS-70 coin and an MS-60, as any coin that falls between these two grades often have marks unnoticeable to the trained eye.

If you want to get your hands on high-quality gold coins that have a perfect MS-70 grade, it would be wise to consider looking into and buying gold from a reputable dealer. After you find the dealer who offers the best selection of coins, begin your collection with the $5 Gold American Eagle coin with its certified MS-70. This coin was authorized by Congress in 1985 and quickly became one of the world's leading investment coins. It includes one-tenth of an ounce of gold and only a limited amount have been certified in perfect condition.

Getting your hands on perfect $5 Gold American Eagle coins could bring new life to your portfolio, as these rare coins are essential for you to have in your possession. When it comes to having a coveted collection, make sure you possess a wide array of coins that spans various time periods in American history.

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