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Who Is on the Half-Dollar?

Who Is on the Half-Dollar?

October 17, 2023909 view(s)

In 1963, a bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository forever altered the course of American history, taking the life of President John F. Kennedy. This tragic event, which still resonates deeply with many, led to a poignant tribute: the U.S. half-dollar coin, released a few months after President Kennedy's assassination in 1964. 

But the story of the half-dollar doesn't begin or end with Kennedy. From Benjamin Franklin to Lady Liberty, this coin has been a canvas for many iconic figures. For investors and collectors, the half-dollar represents both historical significance and tangible value in the realm of precious metals. 

In this article, we'll explore the evolution of the half-dollar, its role in the precious metals market, and why it remains a sought-after piece for many. Whether you're an avid investor or new to the world of coin collecting, the half-dollar offers insights and opportunities worth knowing.

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The half-dollar isn't just a piece of currency; it's a snapshot of America's rich history. For investors, it's essential to understand the stories and symbols behind these coins, as their historical significance can influence their market value. Here's a breakdown:

Seated Liberty Half-Dollar (1839-1891)

Here, Lady Liberty is depicted seated on a rock, holding a shield representing defense and an olive branch symbolizing peace and diplomacy. Its long circulation history and silver composition make it a coin of interest for those diversifying their investments.


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What Other Historical Figures and Symbols Have Been Featured on the Half-Dollar?

Kennedy Half-Dollar (1964-Present)

Introduced after the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy, this coin holds a special place in many American hearts. The Presidential Seal, on the reverse, representing unity and the nation's enduring spirit, adds depth to its design. For investors, the earlier versions with high silver content are the real gems, offering both sentimental and tangible value.

For those in the investment world, the half-dollar offers more than just face value. Its rich history and symbolism in its designs can make it a valuable asset, blending the worlds of numismatics and precious metals investing.

The Barber series, named after its designer Charles E. Barber, carries a classic American aesthetic with Lady Liberty's head adorned with a Phrygian cap, symbolizing freedom and liberty. Its silver content and the limited mintage of certain years can make it a sought-after piece for collectors and investors alike.

Walking Liberty Half-Dollar (1916-1947)

This coin showcases Lady Liberty in stride, symbolizing hope and a brighter future. Her draped American flag and the branches of laurel and oak she carries represent civil and military glory. It's not just the design that catches the eye of investors; the coin's silver content makes it a valuable addition to any precious metals portfolio.

Franklin Half-Dollar (1948-1963)

Benjamin Franklin, one of America's Founding Fathers, graces this coin. On the flip side? The iconic Liberty Bell, a symbol of American independence, is accompanied by a small eagle, representing vigilance and resilience. Its 90% silver composition is a big draw for those looking to invest in metals with historical significance.


How Have Evolving Values Influenced the Half-Dollar's Designs?

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a profound moment of national grief. The design created in his wake wasn't just about commemorating a beloved president; it was a testament to the nation's resilience, ability to honor its heroes, and commitment to move forward despite adversity. The coin has also reflected broader shifts in American values and priorities over the years. 

In the early days of the United States, coins like the Seated Liberty half-dollar emphasized foundational ideals like freedom and independence. Lady Liberty, seated and holding symbols of peace and defense, was a clear message of a young nation's values and aspirations.

As the country progressed into the 20th century, there was a noticeable shift. For instance, the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar showcased a more dynamic and forward-looking nation. Liberty was no longer seated but moving confidently towards a brighter future, symbolizing America's optimism and drive.

Then, in the mid-20th century, the focus shifted again. The Franklin Half-Dollar brought in elements of American innovation and intellect, celebrating one of the nation's most brilliant minds, Benjamin Franklin. The coin's design, featuring the Liberty Bell, was a nod to the country's rich history and its continuous pursuit of progress.

In recent years, the designs of the half-dollar have become more reflective, aiming to capture the essence of modern America while paying homage to its past. The Kennedy Half-Dollar, for example, is a tribute to a beloved president and a reflection of a nation's ability to come together in times of tragedy.

For investors, these evolving designs offer a unique perspective. They're not just coins but pieces of history, each telling a story about the values and events that have shaped America. Understanding these stories and the significance behind each design can provide a deeper appreciation of the half-dollar's place in the world of precious metals and its potential value in the market.

Who Is on the Half-Dollar

How Can I Add Half-Dollar Coins to My Portfolio?

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