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What Should You Bring To A Coin Collectors Show?

November 04, 2011218 view(s)
Ever wonder if any of the coins at the bottom of your coin jug are worth anything? According to Daniel Ward, coin expert from the International Coin Collectors Association (ICCA), your coins, jewelry, and even old silverware may be worth more than you think. The ICCA travels all over the country to put up about 80 shows a week. Its experts provide free consultations for anyone with coins or other potential valuables. They're generally looking for coins dated before 1965, paper currency dated before 1934, rare coins, gold and silver coins, and jewelry. Ward explained to California news station KCAL9 that coins made before 1965 were still made with silver, so no matter what the coin, it's definitely worth more than face value. He said he has seen a 1916 d mercury dime in bad shape sell for $300, and those in good condition can go for thousands of dollars. While reminiscing about some of the most expensive coins he's seen at shows, he told a story of a $54,000 small gold coin found at the bottom of a coffee jar brought in by an elderly woman. They'll take a look at household items as well, including silverware. Most people don't use real silver anymore because it's impractical to polish it before each use. If you have 100 percent sterling silver cutlery that you aren't using, have it priced. It could be worth quite a bit of money. Be sure that it's marked "sterling" on the back, otherwise, it's only silver plated and the show won't buy it from you. Have old or broken jewelry, class rings or watches collecting dust somewhere? Bring them to a coin show in your area. Even mismatched jewelry, one lone earring in a set or cheap costume jewelry can have high value. Next time the ICCA is in your area, bring your old coin jar or unused jewelry down to have their appraisers take a look. You may be surprised by what they find.
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