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The Swiss Gold The PAMP Bar

October 06, 2010191 view(s)

For those who are interested in investing in small weight gold bars, the Swiss Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux produces one of most recognizable bars in the world. This refinery opened its doors in 1977 refining gold, silver and platinum and can be found in Castel San Pietro. Today they are recognized the world over as one of the premier precious metal refineries in the world and bars from PAMP are considered to be one of the best for investment purposes. Swiss PAMP bars are easily bought and sold as the trademark is recognized the world over as a symbol of purity and quality. You will find them being sold by most well respected brokers and dealers. They are more than just a bar of gold, they are truly a work of art and with the relatively low commission rates are a very popular form of investment gold.

All PAMP bar are fully assayed by fully trained assayers that have been certified by the Swiss Federal Bureau and are under a legally binding oath. These bars are crafted by skilled engineers using the latest in high tech refining equipment to assure that each of these gold "Dream" bars is maintains uniform quality throughout. Once they are finished the beautiful designs that are a part of the PAMP bar is a world recognized symbol or their quality and purity. Not only does this image show where the bar was manufactured and represent its fineness, it makes these bars a true collector's item in every sense of word as they are without a doubt one of the most artistically beautiful bars currently being offered. Each of these bars weighs one troy ounce and is individually numbered and registered. Once this is done the "Gold Dream" Swiss gold bar is sealed inside of a specially designed clear protective case and comes with an Assay Certificate of authenticity.

This certificate also states that the bar contained in the case contains one troy ounce of 99.99% pure gold. These are among the finest gold bars that are currently available for sale to investors and collectors alike. The price of each bar is dependent on the current market price of one troy ounce of .9999 gold on the world markets. As with any form of gold bullion bar, the commissions are minimal making them a very sound investment. While keeping one of these bars at home to show selected friends and family might be enjoyable, you should keep the bulk of your investment stored in a bank vault or with a company that specializes in storing precious metals and provides the appropriate security.

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