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Susan B Anthony Coin: How Much Is It Worth?

Susan B Anthony Coin: How Much Is It Worth?

November 11, 20237072 view(s)

While it's hard to figure out exactly how many Americans collect coins, experts estimate that about 38% have some experience with the hobby. This makes it an extremely popular pastime, and investors looking to turn a profit in the future have a wide audience.

The 1980 Susan B Anthony dollar is a limited-edition item sought after by coin enthusiasts. Read on to learn.


The Basics of Susan B Anthony Coins

The US is known for minting collectible coins that feature important faces throughout American history. In 1979, they began to mint Susan B Anthony coins. She was a women's rights activist who championed equal pay, labor rights, and suffrage for women.

The coins were minted throughout 1980. The government stopped making them in 1981 after minting 888.8 million coins. This makes them a valuable, exclusive item coveted by collectors.

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The Value of the 1980 Susan B Anthony Dollar

On average, a Susan B Anthony coin that has been previously circulated is worth about $1.05-$1.35. Since they were originally $1 coins, they have only increased slightly in numismatic value.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. A coin in pristine, uncirculated condition can sell for up to $1950.

Mint marks make all the difference when it comes to coin value as well. The "D" mint mark was the most popular marking for Susan B Anthony coins. This makes it the least valuable, and the average sale price reflects those with a "D" marking.

However, if your coin has a "P" or "S" mint mark, it may be worth more than that.

There are also some dollar coins worth more than others because of defects. Mint errors may sound bad, but they create unique coins that collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for.

For example, one coin is listed on eBay for $4650. It's special because of a defect where it's made from 100% copper rather than a copper-nickel blend. It's unique because it's a cherry red hue rather than the silver color of normal coins.

It's unlikely that you'll snag one of these. If you do, though, you might hit a gold mine.


Are These Coins a Smart Investment?

While the value of average "D" coins may seem low, coins are always a smart investment. For one thing, you may get a special coin with a defect or a different mint label. There's no guarantee that your coin will be average.

Even if you don't, coins are always going to be worth money. They're a tangible investment made from metals that hold intrinsic value. While the numismatic value of coins will fluctuate, the intrinsic worth of the metals will always be there.

This means that you'll always be able to sell them for something even if the numismatic value is low.

Collectible coins are therefore a pretty reliable way to diversify your portfolio. Investments like stocks and bonds only have value as long as the business and government assign it to them. If those companies go bankrupt, they become worthless.

Coins ensure that you'll always get some payoff. Even if your stocks go bust, you won't lose everything.


Value and Time

Coins generally get their value by being rare and old. Susan B Anthony coins already have rarity going for them. Coin collectors will seek them out for collections and pay good rates for those in high-quality condition.

However, as time goes by, coins also tend to become worth more.

There are several reasons for this: coins get lost and damaged over time, making them rarer. Collectors and coin enthusiasts think that older coins that went through historical events are interesting tokens of past lives. The value of the metal itself increases over time in some cases, too.

When you buy a Susan B Anthony coin today, it will likely be worth more in several years. It's not going to be the best short-term investment - that honor goes to silver coins and bullion.

But it should pay off in the long term. In 10 years, your coin will be worth more. In 20, its value will skyrocket further.

Just make sure to monitor trends in coin collecting and sales. You want to list your coins for sale when the market is booming. You'll get a better price that way.

Susan B Anthony and Her Impact

Susan B Anthony was an impactful person in American history. As a result, coin collectors won't be the only people interested in purchasing coins with her face on them. History enthusiasts will also hold a vested interest in them, and as time goes by museums may also become interested in buying.

This means that those who invest in the Susan B Anthony half dollar or dollar will have more than one audience to trade with. When the time comes for you to sell your investment for money, you'll have more choices regarding who to sell to.

You can choose a collector who's willing to give you the best bang for your buck.

You also will have the option to trade with other collectors. People may give you bullion in exchange for them so you can diversify your portfolio with precious metals. You also may be able to get different coins if you're interested in collecting.

Ensuring Authenticity

It's important to note that none of this information matters if you don't ensure that you're buying authentic Susan B Anthony coins. You don't want to be cheated out of your money and pay for something you can't sell later.

Look at photos of what you're buying. This will let you know what you're getting so there are no surprises later.

Make sure that you purchase from a reputable retailer. At the United States Gold Bureau, we sell coins of all varieties in individual and bulk quantities. We make sure that all coins are authentic and valuable before selling them at an affordable rate.

Susan B Anthony Coin


Diversify Your Portfolio With Precious Metals

Now that you know all about the 1980 Susan B Anthony dollar, it's time to invest in precious metals.

We offer both collectible and junk coins to those looking for a tangible investment that pays off. We also offer other forms of bullion and numismatic coins, so sign up for our free investor guide. Then contact U.S. Gold Bureau to learn how we can help you make a smart investment.

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