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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Silver

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Silver | Part 2

May 18, 2024729 view(s)

It has been an up week for all four metals, with gold up 1% to $2,325, silver up 4% to $27.65, platinum up 3% to $988, and palladium up 1% to $998.


Since a year ago today gold leads up 15%, silver 8% higher, platinum down 8%, and palladium 36% lower.

YTD for 2024, we have silver up 15%, gold up 12%, platinum 2% lower, and palladium down 12% from January 1st.


Silver Bullion or Investment Grade?


Another question to ask yourself before purchasing physical Silver, is do you want a higher quantity of metal with more volatile pricing, or fewer ounces with more consistent performance?

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The United States Gold Bureau has a “Portfolio Tracker” when you log in to your account, which keeps track of your precious metals investment results. It shows what you invested in each type of metal, and the current value.


When I reviewed my silver bullion purchases, I noticed some purchases have a negative return, some have a positive return, and overall my silver bullion is up 11.58%.


When I reviewed my investment grade silver purchases (Proof 70 coins), there are no negative returns, and my average return on silver PF 70 purchases is 29.44%.


It is good to have a mix of bullion and investment grade. Keep in mind that investment grade silver might cost 10x the bullion price, and you will purchase fewer ounces - but the return on those dollars can often outperform an equal amount invested in bullion, over time.

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