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Platinum is Not Unripe Gold, but a Metal with its Own Unique Past

February 17, 20121091 view(s)

A long time ago, a man by the name of Louis XVI of France proclaimed platinum to be the only metal fit for royalty. He enjoyed how the metal set off the beauty of diamonds and other precious jewels while withstanding regular use.

Throughout history, rulers collected precious metals to indicate their extreme wealth and supremacy. Many of these historical leaders gathered a wide array of materials ranging from gold to silver bars and platinum coins, all of which were highly revered as products of the gods.

Platinum, however, has had an interesting history in terms of its mystery and usages. In the 16th century, Spanish Conquistadors viewed the metal as a nuisance, reports Platinum Today. The metal was often mixed in with gold and difficult to sift out. Many explorers believed the metal to be silver or an unripe gold, leading to its disposal for several decades.

It wasn't until 1751 when a Swedish researcher named Sheffer succeeded in melting platinum that the metal became coveted, reports the news source. Then in the 19th century, scientists successfully refined platinum into palladium, rhodium, iridium and osmium. These metals are all widely used in various industries such as aerospace and medicine.

While today many people seek to collect platinum, whether in the form of coins or bullion, medical professionals view the precious metal as a necessary part of their practice. It is used to treat certain forms of cancer, cardiac arrest and many other diseases.

Collectors who want to add a piece of history to their diverse portfolio may want to invest in platinum. The unique metal has played an invaluable part of science and technology, and went from being an overlooked pain to an unrivaled component in the products we use in numerous industries.

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