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Metals Minute 35: Return of Gold

July 07, 2021463 view(s)

Hopefully, you had an opportunity to tune in last week and act on our recommendations to add physical metal as we begin what has historically been a strong season for physical gold and silver.

For the last week, gold is up 3% to $1,815, silver is up 2% to $26.53, platinum is up 3% to $1,108, and palladium is up another 5% to $2,876.

From a year ago today, gold is up 1%, silver is up 45%, platinum is up 32%, and palladium is up 49%.

While some look at gold’s 1-year performance (1%) as a reason to avoid gold, the astute investor sees it as a reason to purchase gold. To get to average returns for gold requires an above average return going forward, which began last week and looks likely to continue.

To correct a mistake made on last week’s episode, I mentioned that only a “few hundred pounds” of platinum are mined annually. I meant to say “few hundred tons.” Sorry about that. But the basic premise is still valid - that platinum is rarer than gold or silver and is currently underpriced based on its historical relation to the gold price.


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