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A Meal Fit For a King Includes Gold

March 07, 2012305 view(s)

People all over the United States collect rare coins made from gold, silver and platinum. These coins appreciate in value over time, and collectors try and buy gold coins in large quantities to increase the value of their portfolios. However, a true precious metal connoisseur would attempt to collect rare coins while also enjoying meals and cocktails accented with gold nightly.

Across the nation, restaurants and bars are developing dishes including ingredients as rare as gold. While eating the metal regularly may seem a little greedy, these meals are so aesthetically appealing it is hard for many to avoid indulging once in a while. People with some extra spending money may want to experiment and find establishments close to them that use gold as more than an indicator of wealth.

In some cases, chefs solely use gold as a way to put finishing touches on their dishes. These luxurious garnishes command attention and place additional value on a meal served to an influential guest. However, if spending the night out on the town at a ritzy bar, consumers may be able to order a trendy martini containing numerous gold flakes. These beverages sparkle under the lights and entice people into ordering one or two more.

When most Americans think about gold, materials like gold coins and gold bars come to mind. While those collectibles are in high demand, there is an entire subculture of culinary artists in the U.S. and around the world using the precious metal in the creation of mouth-watering meals. Whether craving a meal fit for a king or quenching a thirst for glamour, gold can satiate the palate and satisfy guests to the fullest extent.

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