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Investing in gold bars large and small

Investing in Gold Bars: Large and Small

December 28, 20222207 view(s)

There are many reasons that people have been investing in gold for the past few thousand years. Gold is used in many different products, it’s relatively rare and quite beautiful. It is a precious metal with intrinsic value. 

There are different ways of investing in gold and other precious metals. People invest in gold mine stocks, ETFs, or just purchase physical gold outright. While other methods of investing in gold are perfectly valid, there is something to be said for the comfort that comes from owning physical, tangible gold.  

There is plenty to learn about gold investing. How many gold bars should you buy? What size and who should you buy from?

U.S. Gold Bureau has always considered educating our clients to be our highest priority. Learn how gold can protect and build your wealth as well as diversify your portfolio.

Why Invest in Gold?

In terms of long-term investing, gold is seen to be a fairly stable commodity. This makes it great for protecting your wealth in a few different ways. 

During times of uncertainty, gold can be used as a method of protecting your wealth. A country’s currency can fluctuate wildly or collapse altogether during times of political instability. Putting your money into gold could safeguard your wealth until things have had time to stabilize. 

For many years investors have used gold as a hedge against inflation. As the costs of goods and services rise, the price of gold tends to rise with it. Keeping up with inflation is important. This same trait is also why gold is a great choice for portfolio diversification. 

When the stock market is volatile, gold can be used to diversify your portfolio. Because gold doesn’t have a strong correlation to specific sectors it tends to have an inverse reaction to drops in price in the overall stock market. In a bear market, the price goes up. In a bull market, the price goes down.

As you can see, gold has tremendous potential to build and preserve wealth.

What Size Gold Bar Should You Buy?

That depends entirely upon your goals and budget. It is recommended, depending on your budget, to purchase anywhere from 1-10 oz. Anything below 1 oz costs much more to produce than larger bars. Why pay a premium when you can simply purchase a larger bar? 

Although gold bars can get up to a kilo or more in weight, it can also be beneficial to purchase smaller bars. It can be much more convenient to sell them in smaller amounts. In certain situations, it might make sense to sell a gram here and there, as opposed to selling thousands of dollars worth of gold all at once.

How Much Do Gold Bars Cost?

The price of gold fluctuates all the time. Like any other commodity, gold is subject to market conditions. 

The best way to stay abreast of what is happening in the gold market is to check in periodically with U.S. Gold Bureau. We stay current on gold and other precious metal prices, as well as important news from the world of gold investing. 

Is Gold a Good Investment for the Future?

Absolutely. There are many ways to use gold to plan for your retirement. You can buy physical gold or invest in precious metals using a gold IRA.

Over the past two decades, gold has appreciated 400%. Selling at the top will help add more money to your retirement account. 

Like any means of investing, there are upsides and downsides to using a gold IRA. The IRS does not allow investors to store their gold purchases at their homes. Instead, the gold must be stored at an IRS approved facility. 

Another option is to invest in gold stocks. This requires a little more due diligence on the part of the investor. It’s important to monitor the gold markets to make sure that you are investing in a stock or basket of stocks (ETFs) that will perform well over time. 

What Are Some Well-Known Gold Bar Brands?

Being a knowledgeable investor means doing your research to find out what companies and stocks are reputable and which are not. Let’s take a look at some gold bar producers with stellar reputations.

Perth Mint

1 Oz Gold Perth Mint Cast Bar

Along with the other gold bars for sale we provide to our investors, the 1 oz Perth Mint cast gold bar is a distinctive addition to your precious metals investment portfolio. The fact that this gold bar is square in shape rather than the more typical rectangle distinguishes it from other gold bars. The bar is stunning and will stand out among your physical possessions because it has the Perth Mint emblem roughcast into the front.


1 oz Gold Valcambi CombiBar (10 x .1 oz bars)

It's now simpler than ever to add gold to your portfolio with the 1 oz Gold Valcambi CombiBar, plus you have the extra flexibility of being able to precisely split off bars for giving and trading.

In comparison to a standard gold ounce, this one troy ounce Gold CombiBar from Valcambi may be readily divided into ten smaller gold pieces, each weighing.10 oz. The renowned Valcambi SA facility accepts and mints IRA.

Valcambi also offers the more valuable 100-gram Gold Valcambi Bar

Not all gold bars are special, but this one is. 100-gram bar of .9999 pure gold from the Swiss refinery Valcambi. One should treasure the mirror finish shine. Delivered in tamper-evident packaging straight from the refiner, Valcambi 100-gram gold bars attest to their genuine assay.

PAMP Suisse

Pamp Suisse 100-Gram Gold Bar

One of the most well-known refiners of precious metals in the world is PAMP Suisse. The ideal approach to increase the amount of gold in your portfolio is with this 100-gram 24-carat gold cast bar. The obverse displays the PAMP Suisse logo along with the weight, purity, and serial number; however, the design may vary slightly. Usually, the opposite is left empty.

How to get Started?

The best way to get started on your gold investment journey is to contact the U.S. Gold Bureau for a free consultation. We have many years of gold investment experience behind us and can walk you through the entire process. 

If you are interested in taking the next steps towards starting your gold bar investment journey, contact us for your free consultation.

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