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Gold IRA: Investing in Physical Gold vs. “Paper” Gold

Gold IRA: Investing in Physical Gold vs. “Paper” Gold

June 29, 2023969 view(s)

Investors have different options for physical gold vs. paper gold investing. When weighing both options for investing, it's important to understand your investment goals.

So, What Exactly Is Physical Gold?

Physical gold refers to a precious metal that is investment-grade gold. The gold bullion can be presented in gold bars or gold coins. When it comes to investing in physical gold, understanding the different options available to you as an investor can help you make a thorough decision.

Benefits of Purchasing Physical Gold 

Physical gold has some benefits, such as not worrying about the activities or fluctuations of other parties; you can depend on more long-term stable appreciation rates for real gold.

What Is Paper Gold?

Paper gold is a certain amount of gold that is represented by the investment asset known as "paper gold." 

Silver Spot Pricing

Silver was the bright spot for the week, up 1% to $23.02. Gold was down 1% to $1,921, platinum was off 4% to $929, and palladium was down 9% on the week to $1,297.

The one-year numbers look better for most, with gold up 6%, silver 10% higher, platinum up 3%, and palladium down 31%, entering bargain territory.

Gold IRA vs. Silver IRA

A Gold IRA is similar to a Silver IRA in that you will need an IRA custodian that allows precious metals to be used to fund the account. Also similar to the Silver IRA are the many imposters available to divert attention away from a real Gold IRA that holds physical gold. 

There are many different types of “paper gold” investments that can be held in traditional IRA accounts that claim to provide exposure to the benefits of gold without exposure to the physical gold itself.

Every day, nearly $130 billion of gold transactions occur. This compares to less than $5 billion for silver transactions. This makes it of vital importance to be dealing with knowledgeable custodians and account executives to properly fund your physical Gold IRA.

With the BRICS nations moving towards a gold-backed trading network, having a Gold IRA can help you harness the growing momentum building in the gold space worldwide.

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