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French Roosters: gold bullion coins that excite collectors today

June 11, 2012346 view(s)

France is a nation that has long been known for its passion for fine arts. It should come as no surprise that once France decided to issue coins, it took that same passion to design them. The 20 franc Rooster is a gold bullion investment that many collectors admire not just for its value, but the fact that it is in itself a piece of art of considerable rarity. For those investing in gold today, having this type of collectible coin in their portfolio means having a piece of history, too.

These gorgeous gold bullion coins were minted first between 1898 and 1914, becoming a big hit right off the bat. Those gold coins which have survived from 1898 are considered particularly valuable by many collectors, but even after 1914, the Roosters continued to be produced in limited runs. Some were minted again in France's capital of Paris during 1921 and a brief run was also produced between 1951 and 1960. All of these have value to those investing in gold, but collectors approach their value differently depending upon the condition of each.

The general design of these coins is easy to recognize. On the front, they show Lady Liberty, the symbolic face of the Third Republic of France that ruled over the nation between 1870 until World War II. Around the head of Lady Liberty are the words Republique Francais in all capital letters. France has seen two more Republics since that time, being in its fifth Republic today.

On the backside of the coin, we see the image from which the coin derives its popular name among today's gold bullion coin collectors. The Gallic rooster, an important symbol of France and the French people, is seen in all of its plumed glory. The bird appears to be strutting with its head thrown back, indicating a fighting stance that conveys a sense of independence and dominance over its territory. This is to represent not just the pride of French culture, but also the fighting spirit of those who brought the French Revolution about and the positive changes it made. The image of a rooster is one that ties back into the medieval heraldic symbols of France and the capitalized words that surround it - Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite - meaning Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood. Those three powerful words were the motto for the victorious side of the French Revolution.

One reason that these impressive coins are such a good bargain for collectors today is that they are rarely going to be more expensive than the price of gold at any given time. This makes them a sound choice for those investing in gold; since they are truly scarce their value is bound to climb with the passage of time. These coins continue to be guaranteed by the French government and are recognized in many other parts of the world as legal tender, too. When you combine this with the fact that they contain close to one-fifth of an ounce of gold, it is easy to understand how these coins have managed to entrance collectors for over a century.

Those who want a beautiful and historic gold coin that is truly a treasure to own should consider the 20 franc Gold Rooster of France. It is a legendary coin with a lot to offer anyone that appreciates gold, art, French culture or world history.

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