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Kangaroo Coins for investing

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Kangaroo Coins

August 21, 2023335 view(s)

In the realm of numismatics, the Kangaroo coin holds a significant place as an iconic symbol of Australia's unique wildlife and its rich history in minting exceptional coins. The Kangaroo coin series, produced by the Royal Australian Mint, has garnered worldwide acclaim for its stunning design, historical significance, and compelling investment potential. In this article, we will delve into the captivating history of the Kangaroo coin, explore the thoughtfully crafted obverse and reverse designs, and evaluate its investment allure.


History of the Kangaroo Coin

The Kangaroo coin was first introduced in 1986, marking a crucial moment in Australia's numismatic history. As part of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985, the Australian government sought to promote the country's gold mining industry and boost international investment. The 1 oz Gold Kangaroo, initially known as the Gold Nugget, became the flagship coin of this endeavor.

Since its inception, the Kangaroo coin series has evolved significantly, expanding to include not only gold but also silver and platinum editions. The Royal Australian Mint ensures that each edition adheres to the highest standards of quality, making these coins highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.


Design of the Kangaroo Coin

Obverse Design

The Kangaroo coin's design is the epitome of artistic elegance and national symbolism. On the obverse side, the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, created by various artists over the years, serves as a nod to Australia's status as a constitutional monarchy. The portrait's detail and regal presence instill a sense of tradition and history into the coin.


Gold Kangaroo Coin Obverse

Reverse Design

On the reverse, the image of the kangaroo takes center stage. Each year features a distinct design showcasing the iconic marsupial in its natural habitat. The kangaroo, an emblem of Australia, represents resilience, adaptability, and boundless energy. Australian designers created these timeless designs, though, in 2019, the Perth Mint opened a design competition to artists all over the world. This ever-changing reverse design adds a dynamic element to the series, making each coin unique and captivating to collectors and investors.

Gold Kangaroo Coin Reverse


Characteristics of the Kangaroo Coin

Overview of the 1oz Gold Australian Kangaroo:

  • Metal: Gold
  • Purity: .9999 fine / 24 Karat Gold
  • Weight: 1 Troy oz.
  • Weight in grams: 31.1 Grams
  • Diameter: 32.6mm
  • Face value $100
  • Guaranteed by the Perth Mint
  • Eligible for inclusion in a self-directed IRA

Investment Potential

The Kangaroo coin's investment potential lies in its intrinsic value and collectibility. As a bullion coin, it carries a guaranteed weight and purity, making it a reliable store of value. Investors appreciate the liquidity and global recognition that comes with investing in this government-backed precious metal.

Additionally, the numismatic value of the Kangaroo coin continues to grow over time, especially for limited-edition releases or those in pristine condition. Collectors are attracted to the annual reverse designs, creating a vibrant secondary market for these coins.

Moreover, the Kangaroo coin's historical significance and association with Australia's rich natural heritage add to its appeal.  As global interest in responsible and sustainable investments increases, coins like the Kangaroo, which are produced from ethically sourced metals, gain an edge in the market.


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 Benefits of buying a Kangaroo gold coin:

  • Contains 1 ounce of 0.9999 pure gold
  • Minted by the Perth Mint - a leading mint in the numismatic world
  • Legal tender - backed by the Western Australian government
  • Hedge against inflation
  • Good opportunity for quick liquidity


Variations of the Kangaroo Coin

The Kangaroo coin series encompasses a wide array of variations, each catering to the preferences and investment objectives of collectors and investors worldwide. The most prominent variations include:


1. Gold Kangaroo Coins: The 1 oz Gold Kangaroo, with its yearly changing reverse design, remains the flagship edition of the series. Available in various sizes, including 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz, these coins appeal to both seasoned investors and collectors seeking the beauty and value of pure gold.


2. Silver Kangaroo Coins: Introduced in 1993, the Silver Kangaroo coins offer a more affordable entry point into the series while maintaining the same high-quality design standards. The 1 oz Silver Kangaroo has a fixed reverse design featuring a bounding kangaroo, adding a sense of continuity to the collection.


3. Platinum Kangaroo Coins: Launched in 2018, the Platinum Kangaroo series brings a touch of rarity and elegance to the lineup. With a limited mintage and featuring the iconic kangaroo design, these coins hold a special place among numismatists and precious metal enthusiasts.


The Perth mint has a wide selection of stunning gold and silver coins but the Kangaroo coin series offers a diverse range of variations to cater to the preferences of both collectors and investors. With each edition thoughtfully designed and minted to the highest standards, these coins have proven their historical investment value, making them a captivating addition to any numismatic or precious metal portfolio. As with any investment, interested individuals should conduct thorough research and seek advice from reputable dealers or financial experts to decide which coin is right for them. Even after deciding the content of the coin, there is always the size of the coin to consider. Is a 10oz coin too high for your budget, or would a ½ oz coin be too little? 


Gold Kangaroo Coin for investing

Pricing and Market Trends 

The pricing of Kangaroo coins varies based on multiple factors, including the spot price of the respective precious metal, the coin's weight, purity, and its numismatic value. Bullion coins, Gold, Silver, and Platinum Kangaroo coins' prices tend to closely track the market price of their respective metals. Therefore, the fluctuation of global metal prices can significantly impact the value of these coins in the short term.

However, the numismatic value of Kangaroo coins is influenced by factors such as their rarity, mintage numbers, condition, and historical significance. Limited-edition releases, special designs, and coins in pristine condition often command higher premiums in the secondary market.


Historical Investment Value 

The Kangaroo coin series has demonstrated strong historical investment value, making it an attractive option for long-term holdings. Over the years, the Gold Kangaroo coins have served as a reliable store of value, protecting investors against inflation and economic uncertainties. Their steady performance has positioned them as a cornerstone in many diversified investment portfolios.

Silver Kangaroo coins, with their more accessible price point, have also gained popularity among collectors and investors looking to diversify their holdings. Their historical investment value lies in their potential for price appreciation over time and the ability to liquidate them with ease in various markets.

While the Platinum Kangaroo series is relatively newer, its limited mintage and growing appeal among collectors have contributed to potential investment value. Over time, these coins may appreciate further, bolstered by their rarity and unique position within the Kangaroo coin series.

Where to Buy Kangaroo Coins

When buying Kangaroo coins, an investor’s first step should always be to identify a reputable dealer. A good dealer will have a solid track record, transparent pricing, and a wide range of products. The dealer should also provide educational resources to help you understand the nuances of the market. At the U.S. Gold Bureau, we facilitate this journey by offering high-quality, authentic coins from a source you can trust, ensuring a secure and reliable investment experience.

Investing with the U.S. Gold Bureau means partnering with an authorized and licensed dealer of precious metals, ensuring the origin, authenticity, and quality of your investment. Our commitment to excellence is echoed in our industry reputation and customer-first approach.

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We offer assurance and peace of mind in a marketplace with the potential for counterfeit coins and disreputable dealers. With the U.S. Gold Bureau, you're investing in authentic Kangaroo coins, making a secure and reliable addition to your future investment portfolio.

You can begin your journey with Kangaroo coins by calling (866) 471-1957 to speak to one of our trained precious metals specialists for a best-price quote, visiting our website, or contacting us through our live chat to learn more.


Bottom Line

The Kangaroo coin stands as a testament to Australia's numismatic prowess and commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship. From its origins as the Gold Nugget in 1986 to its evolution into a revered coin series featuring gold, silver, and platinum editions, the Kangaroo coin has left an indelible mark on the world of coin collecting and investing.

The meticulously designed obverse and reverse, with Queen Elizabeth II and the kangaroo, respectively, symbolize Australia's cultural heritage and unique wildlife. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Kangaroo coin's investment potential is rooted in its intrinsic value, collectibility, and growing global interest in responsible investments.

Whether one is a passionate numismatist or a savvy investor, the Kangaroo coin undoubtedly offers a blend of historical significance, artistic elegance, and promising investment prospects that will continue to stand out in the world of coins for investor's and numismatic enthusiasts.


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