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Is Buying Silver Coins Wholesale Worth It?

October 06, 2010312 view(s)

You will find that there are several places online where you can buy wholesale lots of silver coins; many people wonder if this is a wise investment or simply a company's way of getting rid of junk silver coins that have no real value. As with any purchase such as this, caveat emptor is always a good thought. As long as you re fully aware of the risks involved in buying silver coins in this manner, you will never be disappointed. From time to time, you may find that you can get very lucky and find a rare silver coin in your wholesale lot. The odds are far more likely that you will only end up with more silver coins that you can add to your collection or put away towards your retirement, however you never know when you might come across that one coin that the people putting these grab bags will have missed.

When you buy your coins in this manner, you have no way of knowing what you are buying and must be prepared for whatever you find in your wholesale lot. Many of these wholesale lots of silver coins are created out of hoards that turn up at estate sales and are often part of a large enough hoard that no one is likely to have the time to go through each of the coins individually. This increases your chances of finding a rare coin exponentially or at least one that is worth more than its face value. If you are new to collecting coins and have never tried to decipher the value of individual silver coins, you will need to purchase one of the many high quality books available that can help you not only pick out the rare coins, but learn about the different levels of quality.

The more knowledge you have the easier you will find it to sift through your wholesale lots of silver coins in search of those coins that are rare enough to be worth more than their weight in silver or their face value. When you buy bulk lots, you will find that all of the coins in them are considered legal tender in the US no matter what country they may originate from. Some will only be worth their face value, but as their issue dates go further back in history their value is going to increase if for no other reason than their silver content. With this in mind, buying bulk lots of silver coins can be a very worthwhile investment and on occasion produce a coin or two that can turn out to be worth a significant amount of money.

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