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Best Ways to Invest in Gold

Best Ways to Invest in Gold | Part 2

October 06, 2023485 view(s)

Temporarily caught in the downdraft of lower asset prices, it turned into a sale week for all the metals. 
Gold was down 3% to $1,902, with silver also down 3% to $23.01.  Platinum was off 4% to $916, and palladium was off the least for the week, down 2% to $1,292.
Since a year ago today, gold is up 17%, silver is 25% higher, platinum is up 7%, and palladium is down 38%.
Last week, we explained that owning physical gold is often the best way to own gold.  Today, we will look at the different forms of physical gold available and why it is usually better to own a variety of them.  

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Bullion is the least rare and most abundant form of physical gold available and also the most liquid. 
Think of bullion bars or rounds as interest checking - fully liquid but earns the least amount of premiums. 
Bullion coins would be like a money market, also fully liquid, but at higher premiums.
Investment Grade gold is more like the CD of precious metals - it can earn higher premiums over time but is less liquid.  You need to be able to hold rare, mint, or proof coins for at least 5 years to maximize your earnings potential.
Owning a mixture of bullion and rare coins provides a good balance of liquidity, stability, and growth potential to any portfolio.

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