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Attention High Rollers: Play with real silver, gold and platinum coins

July 26, 2010284 view(s)

Ante up with real silver, gold and platinum coins with poker sets created by The United States Gold Bureau made with actual precious metals and collectible coins. The company is a leading authority on consumer education and gold as an investment vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the prestige value of owning precious metals as a status symbol.

The “High Roller” poker sets use real silver, gold and platinum coins from the U.S. Mint for the chips, rather than the plastics or clays that are normally used at home games, poker clubs and even casinos.

The standard “Modern Coins” set includes 150 “white chips” ($1 Silver American Eagle coins), 200 “red chips” ($10 Gold American Eagle coins), 100 “green chips” ($25 Gold American Eagle coins) and 50 “black chips” ($100 Platinum American Eagle coins).

The set also includes one pair of gold and diamond dice, two decks of personalized playing cards with the buyer’s initials in gold leaf and a polished solid mahogany chip case.

The “Billionaire Set” includes all the components of the “Modern Coins” set and adds in 10 1-kilo bars of pure gold, serving as the “plaques,” which are the rectangular high-limit chips used in European casinos.

Other sets include the “Wild West Set,” using all U.S. gold and silver coins that were in actual circulation in the 1800s and early 1900s. In their time, the coins in this set could be found sliding across bar-tops in exchange for whiskey or jingling in saddlebags on cattle drives and were then hidden from the federal government during the gold confiscation of 1933.

“Imagine tossing a handful of $5 Indian Head coins into the pot, just like Jesse James or Billy the Kid may have done,” said John Hutmacher, president of The U.S. Gold Bureau. “It really brings history alive and turns a regular poker game into a truly unique experience.”

Custom sets can also be created, based on the specific needs of the customer, which can include fully personalized chip sets in any denominations.

The standard set retails for $375,000 and prices are available on request for the other sets. Prices can also fluctuate with the market for precious metals and collectible coins.

This type of ultra high-end set definitely makes it more dramatic when a player goes “all in.”

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