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2010 New Silver Dollar Coins Released

July 08, 2010274 view(s)

The United States Mint are releasing two new silver dollar coins this year. The Boy Scouts of America Silver Dollar Centennial Commemorative Coin and the American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar coins have been approved and will be released next year. In addition, a new 9/11 commemorative coin is in the works to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and should be released in 2011.

The United States Mint has unveiled new designs for a new silver dollar coin honoring and remembering Americas disabled veterans. Ed Moy, director for The Mint, recently unveiled the designs for the 2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar at the national Disabled American Veterans convention in Denver, Colorado last year.

The new silver dollars are available in 2010. The front of the coin shows the legs of three veterans. One of the veterans, however, only has one leg and is using crutches. The inscription reads “They stood up for us.”

The new silver coin will be minted at West Point in proof and uncirculated versions in 90% silver. The release will be limited to 350,000 coins. A percentage of each coin sale will be going to the Disabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation and will support the construction of the new American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington.

The Boy Scouts of America Silver Dollar Centennial Commemorative Coin will be 90% silver and 10% copper. Like the American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar, the Boy Scouts silver dollar will be limited to a 350,000 coins in circulation.


Information on limited edition silver dollar coins


The price, of course, is based on the costs involved in designing and issuing the coins as well as the surcharge payable to each respectable organization. Rare coin circulation is limited but most commemorative coins are generally available for pre-order at discounted prices several weeks before the release, after which regular pricing would go into effect. If you are interested in buying silver bullion or coins make sure you deal with a reputable source or dealer. It is just as important to have your coins checked by a coin grading professional.

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