Metals Minute 85: Precious Metals Shine

Metals Minute 85: Precious Metals Shine

Metals Minute 85: Precious Metals Shine

April 11, 2022 72 view(s)

All the metals have propelled higher over the weekend as physical demands shake off the efforts of those trying to force prices lower in the paper markets. The economic conflict between Russia and the West is helping free gold and silver from manipulation in ways that fines and threats from Western regulators to bullion banks have been thus far unable to do.

The conflict also puts palladium back in play, as Russia supplies nearly half of the world’s palladium. If they decide to impose the “rubles or gold” payment requirement for other commodities besides natural gas, gold and palladium will benefit from a “gold for palladium” scheme. However, it remains to be seen how many different sectors of goods the “rubles or gold” as payment requirement will be extended.


In other news, the investment landscape here in the United States also points towards precious metals, as many other sectors are struggling. A longer article detailing the difficulties is forthcoming this week, but in short:

Bonds, stocks, crypto, and real estate have been showing signs of weakness lately, while precious metals look to provide a safer place to find both protection and asset growth.


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