Gold good enough to eat?


Gold good enough to eat?

January 25, 2012 86 view(s)

Most people can agree that gold is beautiful when incorporated in jewelry, and gold coins can be quite exquisite. However, many people would not agree to eating gold. But wouldn't you be interested in trying a dessert or dish adorned with edible gold?

Edible gold is popping up more frequently on special event menus and in recipes calling for a bit more pizazz. According to, the gold that can be eaten is different from the gold used in most applications because it is almost pure gold. Unlike gold jewelry, edible gold is not mixed with other metals such as copper. Instead, it is mostly pure gold combined with silver, which is also edible.

Because these metals are edible, they should not cause damage to the body when eaten. They'll simply pass through the intestinal system. The source explains that edible gold leaf, flake and dust is certified as Kosher Parve by the Federation of Synagogues.

Today, cafes and bakeries are incorporating edible gold into more of their creations. A Middleboro, Massachusetts bakery, Veronica's Treats, has recently made gold dusted cake pops for the 69th Annual Golden Globes, reports the Taunton Daily Gazette. The cake pops featured chocolate cake and cream cheese, and were painted with edible gold dust and wrapped up with a gold ribbon.

This is the second year the pops have been at the Hollywood celebration. They have been a favorite of celebrities at events such as the Academy Awards, the Country Music Awards and the Emmy Awards.

Consider incorporating edible gold flake or dust into an entree or dessert at your next special event. It can offer your menu a touch of elegance and truly wow your guests.