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On April 5, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, which forbade the "Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States." It was a decision which was to lead to many millions of gold coins being returned to the Treasury where they would be melted into gold bars and stored away. It was this act that makes these United States gold coins so sought after today. But you can get your hands on a genuine, pre-1933 gold coin: a Common Date $10 Indian Gold Eagle BU.

It was another President Roosevelt, Theodore, who was to bring this beautiful coin into being, for he was passionate about producing coins for the American public that had some beauty. So he saw to it that leading American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens was commissioned to design some new coins. Though Saint-Gaudens' health quickly failed, his contribution was to have a lasting effect on American coinage, raising the bar for its artistry ever after.

The designs seen on the $10 Indian Gold Eagle were originally intended for other coins but brought together, they make a winning combination. The obverse design features a profile portrait of Liberty wearing an Indian headdress, which was inspired by the figure of "Victory" as depicted by Saint-Gaudens on his memorial to General William Tecumseh Sherman in New York. Since an Indian headdress was a symbol that President Theodore Roosevelt particularly wanted to be included on a coin he had the traditional laurel headdress changed for an Indian one. Thirteen stars representing the original colonies of the United States curve over the top of the Liberty portrait, while below it is the year of issue. Your order will be fulfilled by a random year of issue, depending on availability at the time of your order. Though you can be assured your order will be in BU condition.

The reverse design features a bald eagle standing upon arrows representing America's ability to defend itself and an olive branch symbolizing that America is a peace-loving nation. The country of issue, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA tops the design. To the right of the eagle is the phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM, taken from the great seal of the United States, which means "Out of many, one." Below the standing eagle, we see the denomination of TEN DOLLARS.

The motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" placed to the left of the eagle was not included in the original design, however following public pressure; Congress passed a bill which meant the motto had to be included from that point onwards. The design of this Indian Gold Eagle is completed with raised stars around the edge of the coin. Here too there are variations between some years of issue. For from 1907 to 1911, the edge had 46 stars, representing the number of states of the Union at that time. However, two more stars were added to the edge in 1912, when Arizona and New Mexico became a part of the United States.

Indian Gold Eagles were composed of 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper; they had a weight of 16.72 grams and a diameter of 27 millimeters. Your order will be fulfilled with a random year, from the most common dates of issue, but always in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. This was you can be sure coin will retain its original mint luster. Add this sparkling coin to your collection today.

Overview of the Common Date $10 Indian Gold Eagle BU:

  • U.S. Mint
  • Metal: gold
  • Fineness: 0.900
  • 90% gold, 10% copper
  • Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • Edge: raised stars
  • Year of issue: random year
  • Condition: BU

Orders placed for products that are not a specific year will be fulfilled with coins of any date, based on availability. Orders of multiple coins may be filled with the same year or a variety of years.


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Pre-33 Gold
Purity 90%
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint
Metal Type Gold
Face Value $10
Grade BU
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Pre-33
Year Varies
Metal Weight 0.4838 oz

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