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1 oz Gold Perth Bar


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Originating from Australia's Perth Mint, this bar is made of the most pure form of gold: 24 karat or 0.9999 fine gold.




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Features of the 1oz Gold Perth Bar:

  • Each bar comprises 1 oz of .9999 pure gold
  • Each bar comes with an Assay card with authentication

In 1899, the United Kingdom's Royal Mint established a third Australian colonial branch - after the no longer operating Sydney and Melbourne facilities - in Perth. Only two years later, the Federation of Australia was established - and, today, the Perth Mint is the official bullion mint of Australia.

Therefore, the Perth Mint clearly has a long history of producing gold; in 1899, it was intended to mint gold coins for the British Empire. While the British Empire is now long gone, the Perth Mint continues to issue coins that, in the independent country of Australia, are legal tender.

The Perth Mint is also globally renowned for its production of gold bars. This beautiful gold bar weighing 1 troy ounce presents a great opportunity to start or bolster an investment portfolio of precious metals. This bar also consists of 0.9999 fine pure gold.

Making pure gold is also a key part of the Perth Mint's history. In 1957, the facility struck a proof plate that reached almost 999.999 parts of gold per thousand. This so impressed the Royal Mint that it ordered some of this gold to help itself enhance its own standards of gold production.

The great purity of the 1oz gold Perth bar that, availability permitting, you can buy from our stock should be compared to the purity of gold coins. Most such coins do not include 24 karat gold, which is when gold reaches 0.999 purity, its most pure form. Pure gold's softness prevents its use in coins.

Though the Gold American Buffalo is indeed made of such gold, it is instead 22 karat gold - this is 0.916 pure gold - that is used in the Gold American Eagle. Meanwhile, jewelry often uses 18 karat gold. Jewelry does not commonly use 24 karat gold, as it fails to sufficiently hold up when worn daily. Instead, the gold tends to be strengthened by being mixed with other metals.

However, if you are endeavoring to build an investment portfolio or better protect your wealth from becoming hit by economic turmoil or a dollar declining in value, the gold you primarily want to pick up is that which holds the most monetary value. The purest form of gold is that gold.

When you receive a 24 karat gold Perth bar from our company, you can find, on the obverse, details of the bar's purity and weight. There, you can also see the Perth Mint's distinctive swan logo; this represents the Swan River which flows through Perth.

Meanwhile, the bar's reverse depicts silhouettes of members of the kangaroo species, which is native to the area of the Australian outback where the commercial minting of gold has taken place since 1851. The kangaroo is also, of course, an enduring symbol of Australia and its culture.

As the 1oz gold bar on offer here is low-premium, it is a cost-effective form of precious metal to purchase with the US dollar. This bar, when sent to you from our stock, will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity confirming that it has truly originated from the Perth Mint.

Purity24 Karat
Face ValueVaries
Mint Or RefineryPerth Mint
Metal TypeGold
Mordern Or HistoricalModern
Metal Weight1 troy oz
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